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''ALL STAR BUDDIES #3 - Call Me Bobby Bellagio''

The heat went way up in the studio for part 3 of 'All Star Buddies'. As you already know, 'All Star Buddies' is a limited series of videos in which Caruso brings back some old friends, the most popular and most commented on Straight boys and Bait boys who have performed on the site and one or two who had wanted to, but never quite made it into one of our videos before, and hooks them up for some very hot and sexy scenes.

We were lucky enough to catch up with all American, blond hair, blue eyed, hunk, Bobby Clark, on a rare visit back to his old stomping grounds in south Florida. Bobby tells us he's pretty much left adult entertainment for a great '9 to 5' job - he now gets to sit around all day playing new video games in his position as a video game tester in the state of Washington. Tough transition to making a living playing games from making a living having sex - LOL! But, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy and we're all very happy he got the job of his dreams. One thing that didn't change is this boy's hotness. When he strips off his clothes and you see that beautiful hunky, fit body, you'd never know he just sits around all day playing games. Bobby claims that he doesn't have much of a social life since he's moved to Washington - but we're not buying it. He's got the looks and bod that ensures he's hit on even when he just stops into 7-11 for a coffee. And, from his performance with Logan, he certainly doesn't appear to be out of practice. Speaking of Logan Vaughn, this is the blond haired, hazel eyed stud's fourth appearance at BaitBuddies.com. Check out his big beefy, hairless, upper body, rock hard, baby smooth, bubble butt and killer huge thighs and sexy legs with a light covering of blond hair. You can search the site and see the changes in his appearance along the way.  Both guys were asked by Caruso about their current sexuality and Bobby just cuts him off and says  ''Give me a break - let's have some sex!'' Both of them explained that they don't like to declare their sexuality... basically, if it feels good - do it!  The sex in all of our 'All Star Buddies' videos is super hot as these experienced guys can have sex without even thinking about the lack of privacy a production crew and camera brings with it. So, Caruso sits back and lets these guys do what they do best. You'll see everything from deep tongue kissing, deep throating, very intense rimming (when Bobby spreads Logan's muscle butt and munches and tongues his perfect pink hole), to hot fucking.  And when the temperature reaches boiling, both boys have explosive orgasms and shoot cum all over - and lots of it.  Talking with Caruso 'After the Shoot', Bobby says ''his tongue piercing put me over the edge'' referring to Logan's tongue piercing. Caruso says ''yeah, you came like a Las Vegas fountain...'' to which Bobby quickly replies ''Call me Bobby Bellagio'' - he's so fucking cute! We know you'll want to watch this award winning scene over and over!