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''Beginner's Luck''

''It's not my thing!'' says the straight Puerto Rican hottie, Austin, when Caruso tells him that the girl didn't show and his only option was to have sex with returning, ever so cute, Bait boy, Aaron.  Well for someone whose thing it isn't, porn newbie Austin does a pretty damn good job! Or, as Aaron puts it when complementing Austin's blow job ''it must be beginners luck''.  Austin came to the studio today figuring he'd be fucking some hot piece of pussy. This 20 year old boy, with the prerequisite Latino bubble butt to die for, did not come here to have gay sex, yet that's exactly how this all ends - as you already know.  Austin really didn't want to do this, but Caruso pushes him along and tells him he has to return Aaron's handjob, so he tries to get out of it by saying ''do I really have to do this'' - YES you do! Reluctantly, he strokes his new buddy's cock and Aaron is just loving it, with his impish, warm smile he is so fucking adorable and sexy! Aaron can't wait to get down to blowing Austin's mouthwatering cock, but first some cock to cock frot action. And as that is going down, Aaron leans in and tries to initiate a kiss, but Austin pushes back rejecting it. Fortunately, he finally gives and and we get a few minutes of some very hot deep kissing.  Then Aaron finally begins orally servicing the Puerto Rican boy's cock and he's loving it. Caruso asks Austin how it is and he says "almost as good as a girl''.  It's Austin turn and he starts sucking Aaron's cock and he takes to it like a fish to water.  At the same time you can see how anxious Aaron is to get fucked. When Caruso says go for it,  he can't get a rubber on Austin fast enough. He then sits on it, taking Austin's cock full up his hole in one quick movement. Aaron just starts humping the straight boy until Austin picks up on the rhythm and starts fucking the dude back in earnest. Next, Aaron is flipped on his back and Austin starts fucking him gently. But, as Aaron pulls harder on his legs he gets the hint and starts pounding that boy's hole like the best pussy he's ever had. When Aaron can no longer take it, he busts his nut all over his belly. Austin's rubber is then popped off, he gets on his knees above Aaron and pulls off a load which mixes in with Aaron's own. Caruso asks Austin how it was and his only answer is ''my face is numb'' - we guess it was just that good! When asked if he minded fucking another dude, Austin replies "not really, I thought about the money''. OK, we can live with that. Enjoy these two hotties in 'Beginner's Luck'.