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''Redneck Round Up''

Ft. Lauderdale Florida might today be known as very gay friendly, but it's history is of being populated by redneck boaters and rum runners from the prohibition era, resulting in Lauderdale still having a large faction of those ever hot redneck boys.  South Florida rednecks are more comfortable in the water then their northern brethen who prefer mud trucking and such, But, in essence they're the same, rough around the edges, live to drink beer, listen to loud music, raise hell, fuck pussy and hang out in seedy ''redneck'' bars. And, if you're into this type, you're gonna find our straight guy, Trit, a redneck and porn newbie, just up your alley. Caruso decided to try something new in recruiting straight guys for the site this time. He sent the lovely Sylvia, who he mentions in almost every video (not her real name), into a very well known bar on the beach, a hangout where there are wall to wall redneck boys trying to pick out their big boobed, bedazzled, over made  up, under dressed, blonde bimbo for a night of mercilessly hard fucking, sucking and face splattering cum shots. Sylvia's job was to hand out some cards with the following message ''Make fast $$$ in adult video. Call me NOW!'' to guys only, telling them they are sexy and should give her a call. It's good she only went out one weekday night, because the calls started coming in the same night. Many were just curious, but a few wanted to try it. So, Caruso asked three to come in for an audition, and as he speculated only one showed up and that was Trit. Trit was all horned up and couldn't wait to start pounding some pussy on camera for the very first time - even when told there would be a double penetration up close with another dude. He was paired up with a brand new hunky Latino Bait boy, Sam. Sam is from Colorado, has a gorgeous face, and 6 feet of hot bod with a thick, perfect 8'' cock. Sam also tells Caruso that he's horny, wants to suck cock, kiss and get fucked.  We won't go into the sexual details, needless to say there was sucking, frot, some hot kissing and a very hot fuck scene where Trit bangs the cum right out of our Bait boy Sam. One thing we learned is that you don't have to get a redneck drunk to make him go gay4pay!