Bait: Drake Jaden
Straight: Bobby
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FTW, that's what is tattooed on the flat belly of our newest straight boy, Bobby. It stands for ''Fuck the World'' and was his way of letting everyone know about how angry and troubled he was as a teen. Now at 26, he's mellowed out and just looking for a way to make some extra cash. He finds himself at looking to make it the easy way by fucking some pussy. But, Caruso has other plans for this blond, wiry, 6' tall, straight boy. Caruso introduces him to returning Bait boy Drake Jaden who is no stranger to getting fucked by straight guys. When Caruso asks Drake why so many straight dudes are attracted to him, Drake quickly tells him  ''it's my ass''... and quite a huge bubble butt it is. One straight guy told Drake that his butt cheeks reminded him of a big set of tits... and that's OK with Drake - he just likes straight cock up his hole. Caruso interviews the guys and soon finds out that in the past a drunk Bobby has fooled around with guys. Bobby said ''I've never had sex with a dude, but I've let them give me a blowjob''. The gears were now turning in Caruso's head, so instead of pulling the bait and switch with the girl, he tells Bobby that the girl isn't coming and since he said that he's done stuff with a guy before why not have sex with Drake for double the money... and we'll try some new things. It didn't take long to convince Bobby to go the gay4pay route, so Drake takes hold of Bobby's 7'' cock and starts jacking it. Caruso tells Bobby to return the favor and without missing a beat, he grabs Drake's thick 8'' cock and starts jacking it and Drake reacts saying ''he's more eager than we thought'' and the same thing happened with blowjob swapping when the straight boy took a cock in his mouth for the very first time. When it was time for fucking, Drake got on all fours and presented that big, hot, firm, smooth bubble butt to Bobby who wasted no time in shoving his cock in up to the root. Bobby fucks Drake doggy style and then flips him and fucks him with his legs spread wide allowing us to see his cock pounding Drake's well used and always hungry hole. Drake is moaning and telling Bobby to fuck him harder until he shoots a load on his stomach. Bobby pulls off the slimy rubber and jacks his own load onto Drake's body. Both boys sweaty and cummy, Caruso tells Bobby to give Drake a kiss, you know, with tongue and all. Instead, Bobby leans over and gives Drake a peck on the lips and says ''that's it - I'm not a cuddler'' -LOL. They are sent off to the shower to clean up. Upon their return, it's time for the ''After the Shoot'' interview, during which Caruso asks Bobby if his girlfriend lets him fuck her in the ass. Bobby tells Caruso that he never has, when he asks she tells him ''everybody has an ass and you'll leave me for a guy [if you like it].''  Well, now she no longer has a reason to turn him down. Thank you Bait Buddies.