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Straight: Bobby
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''You Got to Have Friends''

Bobby is back and as promised he's brought one of his friends - a real hottie named Cory. Cory is actually Bobby's friend's younger brother. But, the three of them have been hanging together since Cory came of age a couple of years ago. This is Bobby's return appearance at while it's Cory's first, actually it's his first time doing an porn, anywhere - but it won't be for long. We were so impressed with this hot Italian boy's looks, body, cock and attitude that our talent agency agreed to take him on as a client. So, you'll be seeing lots of Cory Keegan real soon!  If you watched last week's videos you'll know that Bobby had a friend who had sucked him off when they were both drunk, Cory of course, and who was interested in doing porn. When he told Cory about the video he did at and asked him if he wanted to come back and have sex with him on camera, Cory enthusiastically agreed. The deal was for Bobby to get fucked... and he didn't have much time to prepare. So, he clandestinely borrowed his girlfriend's dildo and went to town inserting it deeper and deeper into his hot hole while he jacked off. Now that's what we call in show business ''preparing for a role'' LOL. The two boys are in the studio and stripping down and our jaws dropped when we saw Cory's perfect body and cock, almost 8 inches of it - as if his face (and that beautiful thick hair) wasn't enough to get us going. Being super comfortable with each other they just went for it. Lots of kissing, body rubbing, touching, and feeling. Cory couldn't keep his hands off of Bobby's butt ''nice bubble butt'' he says. Cory sucks Bobby's cock first and then it's Bobby's turn. We challenge him to take all of Cory's thick 8'' tool down his throat - but it's too big for the novice cock sucker - he'll need more training. The sex is really hot, because you can see the chemistry and friendship between these two, they were totally into each other. We think this hook up was a long time coming. As Cory fucks Bobby's virgin ass, he asks ''Does that feel good?'' and Bobby can litterally only groan back ''umm hmm'' to which Cory replies ''you like it'' - it's very hot to hear. Cory gets to the point he can't hold back and shoots his load all around Bobby's cock and that triggers Bobby to groan out loud as he pops his own hot load. Both boys are totally fucked out and Caruso ushers them off to the showers where the filming continues. The boys tell Caruso the experience made them feel even closer as friends. ''Friends, you gotta have friends. I'm gonna get me some of them.''