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''If it swells, ride it.''

With two sexy straight surfer dudes starring in this video, you might think the title of this episode refers to ocean waves - but here at BaitBuddies.com, the only thing we ride that swells is hard, straight boy dick! Our two surfers are buddies who met when rushing for a college frat. They determined a frat was too much of a hassle, so instead decided they would spend their free time drinking booze and fucking chicks.  Sterling is the handsome blond, blue eyed dude who pulls all the hot babes in, but he says that the quiet one, Jack, fucks more of them than he does - at least when they're not tag teaming the same girl. Both boys are in their early 20's with real nice bodies, bubble butts and 7 plus inches of cock each. And, check out Jack's chest and abs which are ultra defined - just fucking ripped!  Caruso asks the boys why they're in the studio and they tell him since they fuck girls all the time, why not get paid for it... and that's a good enough reason for us. We have them strip down, watch some pussy porn and 'wax their boards' until they're hard. Sterling is a little nervous in the beginning, but he's soon sporting a full out hard on - his pal Jack is showing a stiffie soon after. The boys chat about their upcoming porn video as Caruso goes to check on the 'girl'. OK, so we drop the bombshell on them, the girl isn't coming and the only opportunity for them to make some money is to have sex with each other. Caruso barely has the sentence out of his mouth and both dudes are half way into their underwear and ready to take off even at the hint of gay sex. Yet, Caruso remains calm and undaunted and continues to talk to them and they soon calm down. He directs everything towards Sterling who seems to be the dominant friend, thinking if he could change his mind, then Jack would follow along. Sure enough, once the initial shock of having gay sex with his buddy wears off, Sterling appears to be mulling over the ''double the money'' offer and finally concludes ''I've never done it before, but I'll give it a try''. Jack is a bit taken aback, but just slinks down in the couch and goes along with Sterling. Caruso points out to Jack that he lost his hard on (actually both boys do), and Jack says ''I was hard until I got the bad news'' referring to the girl not showing. So, Caruso tells them to give each other a 'hand' to get hard again. Sterling grabs for Jack and Jack for Sterling. They're so obviously nervous about this first time experience that they wind up in an extremely awkward position with Sterling's face just about in Jack's armpit. It's a bit funny to see, but also very sexy watching these two buds stroke each others cock for the very first time. When Caruso tells Sterling to start sucking his buddy's cock, things quickly turn serious and sensuous. The blowjob is a bit shallow, Jack's cock doesn't go in Sterling's mouth more than a quarter of the way, but look at Jack's face - eyes almost shut - you know he's feeling it and it's his best friend too! Then Jack's hand reflexively moves to Sterling's head as he appears to really be getting into his first gay blow job. Caruso soon asks Jack ''you think we should switch'' and he shakes his head no, but Caruso tells him he has to. So, Jack gets down on his knees and starts sucking Sterling's cock - he also never gets much more than the head in his mouth. Watch when Caruso asks him to use his tongue - he tries, but he can't quite get it right. When asked how it was, he says ''not so great... not my thing''. Well then, it must time for fucking, and Sterling, the boss, just takes the role of top without Jack even questioning his appointed bottom role - although he has that somewhat horrified look on his face once again. He eyes his buddy's big, thick hard cock and with a lot of trepidation, tries to sit down on it. After a few trial runs, he gets it in, but we can tell he's really uncomfortable, so Caruso tells them to switch positions with Jack on his back. Sterling then starts fucking him like he would any one of his girls and we see Jack get rock hard as his hand pumps his cock frantically until he shoots a nice size load. Caruso quips ''You fucked the cum out of your buddy!'' Sterling then quickly pulls out of his Jack's hole and strokes his dick until five or six big sprays of surfer cum cover his friend's torso. They look a little uncomfortable, so in short order Caruso dismisses the two to clean up in the shower. It's was a great ride!