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''He's Got a Little Sway''

Cute Bait boy Aaron Slate returns for his fifth appearance and he's excited, because he just found out that he'll get to play with a straight guy - an uncut straight guy - and we know that he loves to play with foreskin. But, as soon as we meet our straight guy Connor we immediately realize that he has a lot more to offer than his 7.5'' uncut cock. At 23 years old, he's as handsome as they come. He's 6'1'' of hot masculinity with a muscular body, a 6 pack, great pecs, great legs, and a great, rock hard bubble butt.  Caruso gives the boys the standard porn audition spiel and lets Connor know that he has to prove he can be comfortable stripping down, jacking his cock and getting hard in front of a camera and another dude, before he brings a girl in for the shoot. Connor, as all the first time straight guys do, buys into it and our mouths start watering as he strips down and works his big uncut cock up to it's full length. He gets so hard that his cock sticks up on a 90 degree angle.  Aaron isn't missing out on any of the visuals, he can barely keep his eyes off this stud. So, now that they've passed the test, Caruso leaves the set  to get the 'girl'.  It's obvious that Connor is nervous sitting naked and hard next to another naked guy, so he tries to strike up a conversation. He asks Aaron if the girls are cute, to which Aaron replies ''it's porn, they have to be cute'', ''that makes sense'' he says.  More time passes and Caruso has yet to return, so Connor asks ''this isn't weird for you'' and Aaron says ''you have to be open minded... whatever gets a paycheck''. Little does Connor know how real it's all going to get in just a minute or two when he'll find out just what he has to do to get that check!  Caruso returns with the bad news, the 'girl' flaked out and he offers them their only alternative to get paid - double the money to have sex with each other. Connor is stunned and says ''no'' and he appears to get ready to scoot. So, Caruso quickly asks him ''you ever thought of doing something with a dude'', Connor has to think - he hesitates and then says no. His shaky answer tells Caruso that he will get the straight boy once again. And, within a few minutes Connor gives in and Aaron gets right to jacking this hot, straight hunk's big cock. Connor seems to be enjoying the handjob, so Aaron places Connor's hand on his own cock and they're now doing a JO swap. Before long, Aaron goes down on Connor's beautiful penis, sucking it real good and Connor is really getting off on it. Caruso has them stand up and before they even get to do much 'sword fighting', Aaron can't wait and pulls Connor in for a kiss. It's so fucking hot, because Connor really goes for it and eventually takes charge, pulling Aaron in for even more tongue action. Both boys are really into this open mouth, tongue wrestling session and it goes on until Caruso tells Connor it's his turn to suck Aaron off. The stud doesn't hesitate. He tentatively puts the head of Aaron's cock in his mouth and realizes it doesn't taste bad like he thought it would and in the blink of an eye he starts sucking cock and deep throating like he's been doing it forever and would've kept going if Caruso didn't stop him to move on to fucking.  Caruso even asks him if he's ever sucked dick before and he tells Caruso ''never''. Caruso muses that Connor took to cock sucking ''like a like a fish to water''. Connor has made it clear that he'll be fucking Aaron and not the other way around. Nobody could be happier about that than Aaron. Connor gets prepared, sitting on the couch with his cock pointing straight up to the heavens as Aaron sits down on it and starts humping away. Both boys are enjoying this part - you can hear them moaning in unison - and check out the facial expressions which tell the whole story. From the position he's in, you can see Connor trying to thrust up into Aaron's hole to get as deep inside as he can. Soon they change positions with Aaron on his back. Now you see Connor show off his pussy pounding talent as he hunches his beautiful muscular ass and pounds Aaron's well used hole with utter abandon. Aaron isn't pushing him back, instead he's taking every bit of hard driving cock as he alternates moans of ''oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh yeah''. Aaron is now stroking his cock like a jackhammer while Connor varies his speed and thrust power until Aaron yells out ''I'm gonna cum''. Connor, like most of these straight boys handles it just like he was fucking pussy and speeds up and thrusts even harder as he fucks the cum right out of Aaron. As soon as Aaron is satisfied, Connor pulls out and jacks a load all over his own belly. We're thinking that he's been told by lots of girls ''don't get any of that stuff on me'', but we'll find out differently in a moment.  Caruso now sends the boys to the shower to clean up and relax a bit before doing the 'After the Shoot' interview where Caruso asks Connor if he shot on his own body because girls generally don't like the cum on them. The surprising answer from Connor is ''I do it because it turns me on'', Caruso is taken aback when he hears that - it's a first from a straight dude! He also asks the boys ''how many sex partners have you had''. Connor answers 20 to 30 girls. Aaron admits to that amount, but it goes up from there and Caruso quips that it would be a good thing for Aaron to stop estimating at 100. Aaron goes a bit further and also admits they were guys. Upon hearing this, Connor says ''a little swishy'' and when Caruso asks what he means, he says that ''he does stuff with guys''. Caruso now asks Connor if he'd have sex with a dude again and Connor says ''yes'' - to which Caruso replies ''a little swishy'', ''I got a little sway'' answers Connor.