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Alec Jones is our latest straight stud that came to the studio to make some fast cash but don`t they all? Of course due to the size of this Adonis we couldn`t find a bait willing to turn this guy out. If rubbed the wrong way he could really do some major damage.

We decided we didn`t really need a bait anyway. One Alec was more that we could handle at a time. We could just play with him ourselves and see what all we can get him to do. There is nothing more fun than pushing hot straight men into doing something like a little ass play or getting him to taste his own spunk. You know all the nasty things that most straight men would be uncomfortable doing. We wouldn`t want them to lose any of their machoness now would we?

This video is another masterpiece to add to our collection. Or better yet your collection. Come and check out Alec Jones as he strokes his meat, flexes his muscles, shows off his hot tight ass, works the camera, and best of all he busts the biggest, thickest, hottest, load. It will leave your mouth watering!