Bait: Paolo
Straight: Chad Leigh
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Paolo (our bait) is back again trying to get in on the action. He loves fresh, new, straight-meat and will stop at nothing to get it!

He can back himself up against almost any jock-bod we bring in. When Paolo isn`t working he`s working out and keeping his fierce rock-hard body in shape. Today he really scores big and we mean BIG with out latest straight victim.

We brought in Chad for an interview doing straight porn. This young, hot-stud from Philly came here to get laid and make some cash. He just couldn`t wait to fuck some bitches and from the looks of him, we know he could throw and good fuck. Paolo was drooling over this blond-hair, hazel-eyed boy with a nice, smooth and toned swimmers build. When we had him drop his pants we almost fainted at the sight of his enormous, thick, uncut, prick.

We knew after seeing these two, something crazy was going to happen here today. Come take a peak inside and see the action between these two breath taking hunks.