Bait: Cody Juels
Straight: Chino
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Chino is our latest straight boy victim and might we add he is DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS!

He has one sexy, thugged-out, boyish look. Tall, smooth, ripped, Latin-boy, one a HUGE, fat, cock. He was totally freaked out that another guy was in the room and that they may be hitting the same pussy. Chino did not like the idea whatsoever. Poor guy, if only he knew what we had in store for him.

Our very own Mason Storm and Cody Juels were up to no good again and lovin` it. When they found out what was coming into the studio looking to make some fast cash, both their mouths dropped. They knew turning this straight boy was a must but could they do it?

Come and see the action as it unfolds right before your eyes!