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My oh my! The tourists coming through to South Florida are really getting lucky! I guess when you`re hundreds of miles away from home it really doesn`t matter what you do when you`re on vacation.

We had Chris Burg come in to make some extra cash after blowing all of his money on booze and girls. Not to mention at his young age he needed to blow a load too. Compact, sexy, blond and blue. This straight guy was just what we needed to continue our experiment. Wait until you see his rock hard ass and his hot throbbing cock.

On the other had we also had Collin Kent here to help him out. Collin was in need of some release too. You know this sexy stud from some of our other Bait videos.

Can Collin with the help of our girl Mason get this young buck worked up enough to take a walk on the wild side or will he just walk out of our studio empty handed?