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Well I hope everyone is ready for this wild and crazy video. This one was just too much for words. It`s jammed packed with nothing but Italian stallion hunks. What else can I say?

We had Paolo come in again to do his favorite thing. What`s that you ask? It`s getting straight men to try new things. Most of them come here knowing its porn but they don`t know if guy on guy action. Paolo is great to use. His sexy looks help of but it’s the ripped muscles that help even more. We know if the straight guy doesn’t handle the news well then Paolo will be able to handle the situation.

David Donatello answered our classified ad for straight porn and of course once again we plan to burst the straight mans bubble. When he came in for the shoot we knew this was going to be good. He had this adorable boyish face, baby blue eyes, and a nice body to complete the package. Well the package actually completed itself.

Paolo was having a hard time keeping his eyes off it while making plans of what he was going to do this poor innocent straight man. Watch the hot action in the video of the Italian stallions.