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Well, sometimes things do not always work out as planned and as they say...when given lemons, make lemonade! You see, our straight guy showed up to the studio and was beyond nervous and scared about his scene with the "girl".

Seeing how nervous he was, we knew right away there was no way he would be able to perform on camera with a girl and that meant there was not a chance in hell we would even try to get him to have sex with another guy! Drake was as disappointed as we were....BUT, he said he was horny and wanted to know if he could just watch porn and jack off before he left the studio. Well, if he wanted to bust a nut so bad, Robins and I were certainly going to capture that on film!

So, we bring to you a special New Years Behind The Scenes solo with Drake Jaden and his "Boy Friend" (You will have to watch the scene to meet his "Boy Friend"). In this special presentation, you will get to see how Drake prepares himself prior to filming a scene. This is one HOT solo!"