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He was so straight we couldn`t even stand it. Just the thought of another guy in the room with him naked were too much for the young jock to handle!

Fabrizio is the latest victim that ended up in our studio ready for some hot pussy action. This Brazilian stud was just what we were looking for. This was your typical straight-guy that had to put on a macho show. Work must be really hard this time of year or we were just plain out lucky he answered our ad!

Cody Juels (the bait) was just what we needed to stand up against the homophobic stud. Cody was packing some muscle himself and could surely handle Fabrizio if worse came to worse.

The duo was asked to strip down and show us that they could work it up without any problems. The only problem was our straight boy couldn`t take the pressure. He suddenly felt gay. Imagine that! Finally he whipped out his huge piece not long after Cody did. You have got to see these cocks to believe them. Just how far could Cody get this straight guy to go once his prick was hard as a rock and needed release?