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Gladiator! The name says it all. You won`t believe what this stud is packing between his thunder thighs!

He`s our new straight victim that answered our classified regarding straight porn. When he came into the studio he was ready to tear some pussy up, and trust me he would have tore it up had he been giving the chance. He whipped out his enormous 10inch cock and everyone`s mouths dropped. His piece was just too fucking unreal.

We put our hot jock Jay back in the mix to bait this fucker. When Jay saw what Gladiator had to offer his rock-hard, muscle-bod started to tremble with fear. We`ve used Jay before because we knew with a body like his we wouldn`t have to worry about the straight boy flipping out and beating the hell out of him.

We put them together on the couches and told them to work up their shit so we can make sure they will be able to perform for the girls. Well I hate to break it to him but, Gladiator or should I say Mr. Kong Dong wasn`t going to get the piece of ass he was expecting. Instead we had a big solid muscle ass for him to tear into, if we could convince him to that is. Once he worked it up we knew Jay (the bait) could help ease his sadness. Watch and see how far this Gladiator will go and how much damage he`ll leave behind with his horse of a cock!