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Our newest straight victim (Lucas)came in dying to make some fast cash. He was in need and so were we. When he took his shirt off we knew he was what we were looking for. Lucas had a sexy, toned up body himself and when he whipped out that huge cock the show was on!!!

We brought back Mark Angel as our bait. He is one hot stud with one of the hottest bodies we have ever seen. He is ripped from head to toe, smooth, tan, and just down right sexy.

And of course we pulled it off again and pulled it off good! Well I must say now that we`ve added Renee James tricking these guys is easier than it`s ever been.

Renee got Lucas all worked up playing with her tits. Then she told him how much it turns her on to see two men mess around. If they didn`t do it then nobody would make money. Would our shy straight boy go for it or will he just chicken out?