Straight: Marco
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Marco was so hot we just wanted to hold him down and give him a tongue bath! He`s gorgeous from head to toe.

Originally from Europe but living in LA this guy was a true Adonis. LA is filled with beautiful people so I`m sure he felt right at home there. Marco must have never missed a day of working out. With his big thighs, great chest, and hard bubble butt we thought it couldn`t get any better but then we saw his cock. Marco was sporting a long, thick, uncut cock that grew twice the size. It was all we could do to not jump over on him and shove it down our throats. He has a true gift the only problem is that he`s straight.

He would not do anything with a guy no matter what and didn`t even want another guy in the room with him once he got naked. Maybe he has fallen into this trap one too many times. We did get Marco to do a few things to himself that your average straight guy would feel gay doing! A little ass play maybe!

Come check out Marco as he strokes his cock, fingers his tight asshole, and busts a huge nut all over himself, the sofa, and the floor!!! This is yet another scene that is going to leave you soaking we from head to toe!