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We`re turning south Florida into little Italy with all of our Italian stallions stopping by for some fun!

Paolo (the bait) was very impressive. Dark eyes and hair, smooth, tan, and ripped from head to toe, what more could you expect though from those perfect Italian genes. When we had him strip down for some photos, our mouths dropped at the site of his huge piece of meat. That was once nice cock, rock solid with a big plump head. Hopefully this wouldn`t scare away or intimidate our straight boy.

Michael Foxx (the lucky straight victim), wasn`t too bad himself. He had a sexy Hollywood face and a tall sexy torso to match. He was one hot man, no wonder all the ladies wanted him. He was very excited to be here. Just thinking about tearing some pussy up had him semi-hard before he even stripped down. We saw our bait boys mouth watering as he watched Michael`s cock throbbing in his tight jeans. When he took his clothes off his jeans off his heavy, thick, dick flopped over on his big muscular thigh.

Well we broke the terrible news to the boys, no girls and no pussy this time. Paolo went along with everything and acted pretty upset. On the other hand Michael was really upset. We apologized and told him we`ll make it up to him, but Paolo already had plans in mind to ease his pain.