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Nathan Sommers is our straight victim. This Cuban stud is really packing a nice, smooth, ripped body, hot face, and a thick uncut cock.

Nathan has dark spiked up hair, dark sexy eyes, and flawless smooth skin. During the interview he told us about his wild fantasies and let me tell you, this guy has a very, very filthy mind. Let`s just hope he puts it to good use today. He loves splitting open a hot pussy but let`s see if we can push him to split open Chase`s nice bubble booty. This guy seemed a little nervous from the beginning about doing porn so hopefully he won`t freak out on us when he finds out what he`s really here for.

Chase Evans is a our lucky bait born and raised in Minnesota. There`s nothing like those midwest country boys! He is so hot that all the girls want in his pants. Too bad he only likes cock. Chase has a sexy face, hot body, tall, built, and a huge cock. Hopefully he doesn`t talk our straight victim into bottoming or he won`t be sitting down for a long time! Once you get a good look at what Chase has to offer you might be afraid to be on the receiving end too.

Will they fuck or will Nathan totally freak out on us? Come check out the madness as it unfolds right before your eyes. It`s going to be something that you won`t want to miss...