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Our latest straight victim is Riley Burke. He is one rough and tough guy. He likes to get down and real dirty so we figured he may just be open to anything we threw at him. At least we hoped so.

Riley Burke was looking real good with his bleach blond spiky hair, nice tan, smooth and tight body, and yeah the cock was hot too! Nice and thick just the way we like them but we don`t have to tell you that. You`re gonna love him!

Griffin Dirk is up to his old games of tricking straight men into some hot gay action! With his swimmer`s build, pretty blue eyes, big cock, and hard bubble butt, you would think any guy (straight or gay) would want to bang him! At least that`s what all of us thought. Hopefully Griffin Dirk will think the same way we do.

So how far did these guys go? Let`s just say we pushed them to their limits but you better come check this one out for yourself. Things got real hot this time! Oh yeah you may want to grab your lube and towel just in case! I have a BIG feeling that you are going to need them.