Bait: Paolo
Straight: Shane Rock
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It`s so wild and crazy we could barely stand it. Who would have thought we would throw a girl into the mix. Well we did, and boy did it get hot!

Renee James is one of our latest additions to BaitBuddies. She is just what we needed to lure these guys in. Word started to get around and guys weren’t as comfortable with all the testosterone in the room so we thought we could use her to help ease their worries. She is one hot chick who gets down to business and has these men doing whatever she says.

Paolo was brought back in again to trick our hunky straight men. Like we said before we need someone who can stand their ground if the situation gets out of control. Paolo is so hot who could resist him anyway? The one thing that may scare them away is his huge, thick, horse dick!

Shane Rock is our latest straight victim and too hot for words. This guy is so big and buff he had us all a little worried. We thought we would get to know him before trying anything because with one punch he could tear anyone up. Renee really got him going and horny. She had him strip down and work his man piece up. In no time he was rock hard and ready to go. He sat there on the couch, huge dick in his hand, sweat beading up on his forehead, sexy dark eyes that were just screaming fuck me. Lets see how far we can push him...