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masculine1 (09/13/13)


Horny Labor Day!!!

This video is all about fucking for the fans. Two of our most commented on guys, Joe Parker and Drake Jaden get together for a super hot and horny romp at the studio on the Labor Day holiday. Caruso first had a regular BaitBuddies.com video shoot scheduled for the Friday prior to the holiday, but the straight guy flaked out. This happens quite a lot, but we usually have plenty of guys waiting for their turn to do their 'pussy porn'. But, when a guy doesn't show up just prior to a long holiday weekend - we know we're in for a rough time. Caruso emailed and called everyone on the waiting list and they were either away, already involved with a six-pack (not the muscle kind either) or had other plans. Any fucking they'd be doing on the holiday would be with their girlfriend or some slutty one night stand and not in front of a camera... most likely.  Luckily, Caruso gets a call from Jake Draden on Monday, Labor day -he had nothing to do, so he went to the gym to work out - one of the few guys working out on the holiday - and tells Caruso about a straight guy he met who he wanted to drag back for a Bait Buddies video, but had no luck. He asks if he could stop by the studio and of course Caruso said yes - who wouldn't want to hang out alone with that hot hunk? It just so happens that Joe Parker, who works for Caruso, was stopping over to do some work in the studio shower, so Caruso comes up with the idea of putting these two studs together for sort of a 'Fan Appreciation' video. This turned out to be a super hot sexy Labor Day fuck. Both guys were extremely horny (Joe is playing with his dick through his shorts before the shoot even started) and go to town on each other. Joe eats Drakes hot ass like it was his last meal and then, after some cock sucking, fucks the boy like there's no tomorrow. So, sit back, pop open a can of beer and enjoy Labor Day all over again!