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Fan Flick ''Satisfying a Straight Guy''

This is truly a fan flick, as you can see our Bait boy wasn't exactly plucked from a modeling agency catalog.  Adam had submitted his photos and stats through our model link on BaitBuddies.com. He's been a member of the site from just about the beginning and mostly gets his rocks off from satisfying straight boys - sucking their cocks, swallowing their cum and getting fucked. He even admitted to Caruso that he has a homemade glory hole in his apartment - actually a blanket he hung with a large hole in it. He places it in his bedroom doorway and mostly straight/curious guys he solicits come in through his unlocked apartment door and follow his voice to the ''glory hole'' to get a blow job or get rimmed. Adam's hope is that he gets them comfortable to the point that they won't ''ignore the man behind the curtain'' and will get down to business on his bed for full body contact and will give him a good hard fucking and big hot load right down his throat!  He wouldn't tell Caruso how he gets his straight boys, but we can all pretty much guess where he advertises. The oddest thing is that he doesn't get off during the sex. He prefers to do that when he's alone...to each his own.  So, after Caruso learned how dedicated this Latino boy was to straight guy sex, he thought using an actual site fan, an average guy, would make for an interesting video. So, we invite you to watch as our ''biggest fan'' satisfies David, our hot, hung straight boy who thinks he came to fuck some hot pussy.