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''Jersey Boy''

Tony is a straight, rough around the edges 'Jersey Boy' full of personality and sex appeal. He has  a nice big almost 8'' cock and a hot, sexy body that you can only get from doing rough straight boy stuff like street boxing and shooting hoops in the park with the tough crowd he hangs with. He tells us he was a rebellious teenager who hung out on the streets and got into plenty of trouble, but has since centered himself by practicing, of all things, yoga. He's also very sexual, considers himself an exhibitionist and tells us how he makes home sex videos with the bitches he fucks. Tony is paired with bi cutie Liam. Liam has done some porn before. He's part Mexican and part Cuban which accounts for his sensuous lips, smooth, muscular body and flawless caramel skin - not to mention a big, thick, uncut cock.  He kind of looks like a young, clean shaven version of actor John Leguizamo.  Liam loves straight guys because they're manly and handle him the right way. When Caruso asks him how straight dudes handle him, he tells him ''any way they want'' as you'll see, it turns out that he isn't kidding.  When the girl 'doesn't show' Tony finds out that the only option he has today is to have sex with Liam and he's not too happy. But, Liam says he's gotta pay his bills, so Tony says that because he told Caruso that he's very open and willing to try stuff when it comes to sex, that's he'd see how it goes. As soon as Liam starts to stroke his big cock, Tony's eyes widen, but his cock isn't getting any softer. Then as Liam just drops down and takes Tony's hard throbbing cock into his hot, wet Latino mouth without warning, Tony jumps back and says ''Whoa! What are you doing?''.  Tony is soon loving it and starts saying ''this is a whole new experience''... ''you suck some good dick''... ''you've got the tongue ring-that's so good!''  Then the boys stand up and Liam pulls their cocks together to rub them against one another and as Tony is distracted, Liam goes in for a kiss. Tony is a bit shy for second, but then really gets into the kissing - it's so fucking hot to watch them swap spit. When it's Tony's turn to suck cock, he goes right to work and seems to enjoy giving as much as receiving, and at one point says ''I'm kinda glad I tried this''. Now it's time for some fucking and Tony examines what he refers to as Liam's cute little Latino butt. Liam grabs Tony's cock and pushes it right up his tight, hot hole and Tony just starts pounding, and we mean POUNDING, the boy's ass doggy style. Finally, Liam turns over on his back and Tony's roughneck 'Jersey Boy' attitude kicks in and that's when we realize that the first round of fucking was just a warm up!  Tony really starts fucking Liam hard which pushes the bottom boy right to the edge of ecstasy as he starts screaming  out ''you like that, you like that... oh yeah, fuck me... fuck yeah-HARD'' and before you know it the cum is flying out of Liam's big, uncut, Latino cock. Now it's Tony's turn to cum, but he finds that he'll still need some pussy to get him off, so he sits back down on the couch, watches the straight porn playing on the studio monitor and when he's ready to shoot he kneels in front of Liam and shoots a huge load that splatters Liam's body from one end to the other.  When Caruso asks Tony how he feels about what he just did, Tony says ''this changes the way I thought about it'' and then half seriously says ''Am I gonna be gay?''