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Watch Caruso set up yet another unsuspecting dude at BaitBuddies.com. In this scene our main target is Trent, a 22 year old small town boy with green eyes, brown hair, a real nice fit body and bubble butt enhanced from being an athlete and his days as a high school football star. Trent has a real nice 7'' cock that anyone would be envious of...except for his soon to be sex partner Santiago who sports almost 9'' of hot, suckable Puerto Rican man meat which actually dangles down his thigh at full length when soft.   Santiago is a cute 23 year old Latino jock who also has a great body and an even bigger bubble butt than Trent - probably from his Latino genes as well as all the sports he's played.  So, Trent is here for a three-way with a girl, but of course she doesn't show up and Caruso with the help of Santiago convinces Trent into doing some guy on guy action for double the normal model fee.  The sex starts slow with Santiago jacking his buddy's sizable cock - he's obviously had a lot practice stroking his own monster. The boys then stand up and at Caruso's instruction rub their cocks together. This leads to Santiago pulling Trent in for some kissing. Trent puts up some resistance, but as most of these guys do, he gives in to some erotic, gay deep kissing - after all he is getting paid to 'act'.  The two hotties now move on to the next step - some cock sucking action. Santiago goes first and deep throats his sex partner's cock. It's Trent's turn and he does a pretty good job and when asked by Caruso how it was,  replies ''it isn't bad''. It's now time for some fucking. With the boys lubed and loaded, Santiago gets on hands and knees, presents his perfectly hairless and smooth bubble butt to Trent and easily takes the dude's 7'' beauty right up his hole and he tells Caruso that it feels really good. Soon, Santiago flips on his back and Trent gets down to business with some real pussy fucking. Now normally these guys fuck until the bottom shoots his load, but Santiago had his own idea. Being the total bottom boy he is, he loves nothing more than to swallow all his partner has to unload. He tells Caruso before the shoot that he loves to eat cum, but he can't unless he hasn't cum yet himself because he has to be horny enough to enjoy it. And, so it goes - Trent pulls his rock hard seven incher out of Santiago's hot Latino hole, aims it right at Santiago's open mouth and shoots several spurts of his huge, thick load right inside. Santiago is jacking his 8.5'' cock frantically and as the cum enters his mouth, he's moaning and swallowing and shooting his own hot papi load onto his flat, hard jock belly! After the shoot, Caruso asks Santiago how Trent's cum tasted and he replies ''sweet'' and turns to Trent asking ''do you eat a lot of candy?''. Ah, so that's how you do it - SWEET!