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''Down to a Science''

If you fantasize about cute, young, tall dudes with super smiles, big personalities and big thick cocks, beefy muscular bodies, bubble butts, hot legs, beautiful feet, who love older men and light up a room when they enter - then do not miss this weeks video. Our 22 year old Bait boy Leo, a Texan (where everything is bigger) fits this description and more! Leo tells Caruso that he loves straight boys and that there are plenty of willing ones in Texas. He attempts to explain how he seduces them, but finally stops short and just says ''I have it down to a science'' - and we bet he does! Caruso matches Leo up with just what he likes, an older guy, Matt.  Matt is a 29 old straight guy from Tampa who has a gym honed body and an 8.5'' cock, the same size as Leo's but just a little thinner. This is Matt's first time up to bat and he's raring to fuck some blond bimbo with big tits and wet pussy who is supposedly waiting in the wings. The boys strip down and start working their dicks up and as soon as they're hard Caruso goes to 'get the girl', but of course she has some ''lady problems'' and won't be showing up - nor are there any other girls available. Matt soon finds out that the only way he'll leave with paycheck is if he agrees to do a scene where he has sex with Leo. Matt quickly tells Caruso that this is not his thing. He doesn't have anything against gay guys or guys having sex with each other, but he won't do it. But, after a little chat with Caruso, that quickly becomes ''I'll let him (referring to Leo) suck my cock, but I'm not getting fucked!'' And with that, the action begins with Leo stroking Matt's 8.5 inches with Matt returning the favor shortly after. Caruso has the boys stand up and here's where you get to see what a big hunky boy Leo actually is as he towers over Matt by a good 5 inches. Once they do a little frot, big Leo just overpowers our straight boy Matt and very sensuously introduces him to man to man kissing...  full on. Leo is a very sensuous, touchy feely type of guy as you'll see in this scene. Watch as he holds Matt securely with his big hand and moves his lips to Matt's neck, his ear, his chest and down his belly until he reaches his final destination - Matt's big cock. Leo takes every inch of that beast and sucks and licks it until it's rock hard ...  Matt blurts out ''pretty good''. When it's Matt's turn on Leo's cock he's pretty hesitant and as Leo grabs his head, Matt warns him off indicating he needs some space to try this. You can tell that Matt really isn't enjoying being a first time cocksucker and brings the activity to as quick an ending as possible by changing the subject to Leo's ass and fucking it. He tells Leo to turn around so he can see it. Leo accommodates and Matt sort of feels it up, getting engrossed in just how hot a dude's butt can be. The boys get lubed up for the fucking and Matt requests that Leo sits on his cock, because he says he needs to be able to see the pussy porn playing on the studio monitor while he tries to fuck his first guy. Leo just spreads his cheeks and starts taking the 8.5 inches up his butt and then begins riding Matt.  We soon see that Matt is more interested in fucking Leo than in watching the porn. He then proceeds to get Leo on his back and really starts pounding his boy pussy - hard - and asks him if he's liking it and Leo just says ''fuck yeah''. As the fucking proceeds, Leo yells out ''fuck me hard - you're gonna make me cum'' and so Matt does until Leo's cum rockets out in multiple spurts hitting his own face, neck and torso as he moans at the height of his orgasm. It was such a hot cum shot, that we repeat it a second time in the video. Matt is in awe - just listen to him as he watches himself fuck that cum out of Leo - and he's so turned on he quickly rips his rubber off and jacks a load on to Leo's balls and belly. The guys are a sweaty mess so Caruso dismisses them to the showers. When they return, Caruso says to Matt ''lets have a chat about what just happened'' to which Matt replies ''you and your chats - they lead to no good''... isn't that the idea - after all Caruso does have it down to a science!!!