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''Bigger in Colombia''

Texas, get in line - things may be bigger there - but we find out today that they're even bigger in Colombia! That's what Caruso wants to confirm when he asks our Bait boy Jonathan, a cute 20 year old Latino college student, if the size rumours about his heritage are true.  He soon gets his answer when Jonathan strips down, strokes his big, spongy cock until it reaches it's full 8'' length and Corona bottle sized girth! Our straight guy Jack, a pretty regular 22 year old dude from Ft Lauderdale, tells us that girls usually remark how big his cock is, but after seeing Jonathan's he's not so confident any more even with his well above average 7+ number.  Caruso has a short chat with the boys and finds out they're pretty much virgins when it comes to threesomes and group sex , but are anxious to try it out. Jack says ''as long as there's a girl between us'' - yeah OK, but we know that's not going to be the case. Caruso then delivers the news that there's no girl for the shoot and the only way they'll all make money is for the guys to have sex with each other for a ''new'' web site. There's some discussion between the boys and Caruso, but Jack can't resist the money and so it goes yet once again. The boys first swap hand jobs and then do a little ''sword fighting'' cock to cock, when on Caruso's cue Jonathan pulls Jack in for a kiss - and there's no resistance - it just turns into a deep tongue probing make out session. Now it's time for blow jobs and Jonathan does a nice job slobbering over Jack's cock. When it's Jack's turn, he takes to that cock like a pro. We know guys who have been sucking dick for years and couldn't get Jonathan's fat piece all the way down their throat - but Jack just swallows that cock right down to the pubes and looks like he's enjoying it. We're starting to doubt if this is his first time at the rodeo. When Caruso later asks Jonathan how Jack did, he says ''great'' and that he didn't even feel any teeth. Jack swears that the closest thing to a cock that he's ever had in his mouth was a banana - OK, if he says so. Anyway, on to the fucking where Jonathan takes it sitting down, but he doesn't just sit there. He impales himself of Jack's 7.5 cock and humps it for all he's worth. Finally, Jonathan is on his back jerking off with Jack standing above him pulling on his own cock as he shoots a huge load of hot cum all over Jonathan.  This really triggers Jonathan whose hand starts pumping like a blur until he nuts all over himself. When Caruso interviews the guys after the shoot, he gets Jack to admit that he'd like to take another shot at Jonathan's big Colombian cock - even if he's not getting paid! Why aren't we all that surprised???