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Self Service

No, we're not talking about self service like pumping your own gas or checking out your own groceries, no it's about this weeks straight guy who is able to take things into his own hands... or should we say mouth. It all starts with a short interview between Caruso and our returning bait boy, Drake Jaden. Drake is one hot hunk, you'll see few guys with a body as well developed as his - especially his legs and butt - and all these muscles are topped off by a very nice, very thick and very long 8'' cock. Drake is sitting on the couch and just about terrified by watching the porn Caruso has playing on the monitor which just happens to be a female 'squirting' video. Without going into details, suffice it to say that some girls 'cum' and shoot a geyser of fluid (lady cum) which is a big turn on for some dudes.  And, our straight boy Steven, a  blond hair, blue eyed, muscular and hung  jock is one of them. As soon as Steven enters the studio he's watching these 'squirters' and playing with his already hard 8'' cock through his pants. Caruso does a short interview where he asks Drake what he's been up to and of course we find out it's sex, sex and more sex.  He finds out Steven is from Denver and his favorite activity is also sex, sex and more sex. Caruso asks Steven the last time he had sex and he says 2 hours ago, then he says that it was really a day ago - but we think his first answer was more truthful and you'll find out why in a moment. The boys get naked and Steven is already rock hard and Drake is soon to follow. We get to check them out head to toe as Caruso has them turn around so that we can see their butts. Now Steven has a beautiful jock butt and Drake has the perfect bubble butt, it's big and rock solid.  Caruso goes to get the girl, but of course she's a no show. Now what? We all know that answer. The guys are given the choice to have sex with each other and make double the money or go home empty handed. Steven has the typical reaction, he jumps up and grabs his clothes until Caruso tells him to calm down and asks if he ever though about having sex with another guy or sucking a cock. We get the most unusual reply ever on Bait Buddies. He tells us, very quietly, that he's sucked his own cock. Well, that's all Caruso has to hear and soon has Steven on his back, heels over head sucking the first 3 or 4 inches of his big cock into his own mouth - now that's self service! Seeing a hot dude like Steven do that is a total turn on for Drake and Caruso. After that, there was no stopping Steven who said he was already there and turned on after sucking his own cock and watching the 'pussy squirting' porn. So, the boys start jacking each other and Drake pulls Steven into a kiss which lasts a lot longer than we would've thought. Drake is soon sucking the blonde's big cock and he starts to tweak Steven's nipple and realizes that it might turn him off, so he quickly stops. When it's Steven's turn he's totally into it and does a damn good job. Now it's time for one of these lucky boys to get fucked and the other is going to get his cock into a beautiful butt. Steven refuses, so Drake is going to bottom and we know he obviously prefers it that way. But first Steven inspects that big bubble butt and Drake lets us know that it's from doing heavy squats and his natural body make up - it's really is a thing of beauty.  Now with the boys all lubed up, Drake decides he wants to take Steven's big cock by sitting on it. Drake absorbs all 8'' as fast as anyone we've ever seen and is soon humping his hot jock boy partner. Caruso quips ''it's like an amusement park ride''. The guys really get into it and Steven remarks how tight Drake's hole is. What he doesn't know is that Drake is a master with that big, muscular ass of his - he can squeeze and stroke the biggest cock and make the guy feel things he didn't know were possible. It's time for a change of position and they go missionary. Steven pumps fast and hard into Drake's hot hole and before long Drake spews a hot, creamy load over his hand and cock on to his balls. As soon as Drake cums, Steven says he's going to cum too and strokes that big mother fucker for all it's worth and he cums - you'll have to look close, because it's not the geyser we'd expect from a stud like him. Caruso tells Steven ''that's why you don't have sex for 24 or 48 hours before we shoot''. But, Steven is so fucking sexy that we can all forgive him this one time. Enjoy watching these two sexy dudes suck and fuck and we're pretty sure they'll have you 'self servicing' too!