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''First Time at the Rodeo''

Actually, maybe this video should be called ''Ride a cowboy, save a horse'' or even ''Ride a cowboy's horse cock'', because our straight dude this week is a hot, sexy and very well hung cowboy from southern Georgia who grew up on a farm riding horses and eventually breaking them in and training them. So, maybe we should've called the video ''The horse cock whisperer''.  Whatever you want to call it, Dustin is the real thing, a cowboy, and now he's aiming to be a rodeo star with his talent for bull ridin', calf ropin' and in his words, fancy cowboy shootin'. But today we have a new trick for him to learn at our very own rodeo and it's called gay4payin'. Dustin tells us he likes women with big tits, big asses - especially Puerto Rican pussy. Well, before Dustin gets down to plowin' some pussy, he's introduced to his co-star, our new Bait boy, Cody. Cody is a 23 year old blond hair, blue eyed cutie who is as horny as hell for some straight boy dick. The guys are introduced to each other and you can see that Cody is immediately hooked on the masculine dude who just sauntered onto the set wearing his cowboy hat. We only hope that he can keep his hands off Dustin until we're ready... and he barely does. After the initial bullshit session with the guys, Caruso has them strip down - and we are not disappointed with either boy. While our Bait has a real nice toned body and a good sized and thick cock, our cowboy Dustin is as country as they come, all natural beefy muscular body, tattoos and big thick 8.5'' cock. Both dudes get their dicks hard and show their stuff off and Caruso is on his way to get the ''girl''. Lo and behold, she had an accident, something about a baseball and her face, well you know the deal from this point on. The guys are given the choice to go home without pay or have sex with each other for double the money. We were laughing about that after the shoot, saying that if we were the Bait guy we'd throw in our own paycheck for an hour of sex just to have him do us like he does his big titted Latina pussy girls. Anyway, we go through all the nonsensical rationalization with him until Cody pipes in and tells Dustin that he's in, so Dustin just says ''I reckon'' (how cowboy - how sexy!).  And away we go - now remember how anxious Cody was to get his hands on Dustin in the beginning - well before he finishes the last syllable of ''reckon'' Cody grabs for the straight boy's now softened cock. Dustin jumps back, but Cody perseveres and gets his cock. He's strokes Dustin's cock, but it just hangs there, so what does a horny boy like Cody do to resolve the problem - of course - he swoops down and starts sucking on Dustin's big dick for all he's worth and is soon rewarded with a fat, hard almost 9inches of cowboy cock in his mouth. And, boy Dustin is taken aback ''I can't believe I'm doing this!'' he says and soon follows up with ''this feels pretty good''. The action moves on to some frot and a make out session which is pretty sexy for a first time straight guy. When it's his turn, Dustin tells Caruso that he doesn't think he can suck Cody's cock, but eventually he gives in and does, well, the best he can. But, when it cums to fucking, Dustin rides Cody like he was breakin' in a young horse - but Cody, unbeknownst to Dustin, doesn't need any breaking in or training - that boy takes cock like a pro - you can tell from his moaning. Soon, Cody can't take the plowing any more and busts a nut. Dustin keeps on riding him and finally pulls out and jacks his big cock (you can see that he needs to watch the straight pussy porn playing on the monitor to get off) and finally as Cody plays with his balls he pops his load onto the boy's torso. We know one thing, it was Dustin's first time at a Bait Buddies rodeo - but will he be back for a second ride?