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This is what you do when the crops stop growing.

We're always asking for guys to bring us the straight buddies they've been crushing on, but haven't had the balls to approach for sex. It's a tough thing for most guys to make the approach on their own, no matter how ballsy or out there they are - that's why it rarely happens and many years later there's usually some regret for not trying. That's why Bait Buddies is the perfect place to do this, since it's Caruso and not the friend who brings it up. Anyway, about a month ago, we had a new Bait boy, Cody, a real cutie who was paired up with a straight cowboy, Dustin.  Well, Cody contacted me after that scene and told me about his buddy Tristan who he met in college several years ago, they became friends and remain so to this day... and more importantly, who he has always had a huge crush on. Once you see Tristan we're pretty sure you'll have a crush on him too! He's very southern, raised on a farm in South Carolina - he's tall, blond, cute, smiles a lot, and has a classic male body with everything just right, the bubble butt, the 7'' cock and about 2% body fat. Tristan is now off in medical school and would soon be visiting Cody during a short summer vacation with his girlfriend. Now, Tristan knew Cody was gay from the git-go, he also knew his reputation for fucking around with just about every one of his 20 male cheerleader teammates - and just about every other hot gay dude on campus. Tristan does OK for himself too - he tells us how in undergrad school Cody introduced him to the girl cheerleaders and he claims to have fucked five of them.  He also knows that Cody has been doing porn since their college days together- Cody pretty much leaked that information himself on campus.  With this background, Caruso tells Cody that he knows just what to do to set this up.  Caruso assumes that Tristan must have a lot of debt as a med school student and probably always needs money - even if it only pays for his upcoming vacation to Florida. He tells Cody to approach him about doing a short porn video where he would paid a lot of cash - but to stay fuzzy on the details.  Well, Cody must've said just the right thing or maybe Tristan subconsciously knew what was up and didn't ask too many questions. Either way, Cody and Tristan were sitting on Caruso's couch just hours after the hot, studly med student arrived in town. Caruso talks to the boys about how they met, their sex lives and making some money.  He listens to Tristan and is fascinated by just how southern he is and tells him that recently he's had a lot of guys from the south interviewing for porn jobs and Tristan jokingly says ''I guess the crops not growing'' - Cody and Caruso find that pretty funny.  When the preliminaries are over, Caruso gets down to business and just offers Tristan lots of dough to have sex with his buddy. Cody chimes in ''I bet I can suck your dick better than your girlfriend'' and without missing a beat, Tristan replies ''You probably can suck dick better than my girlfriend... she's not to good'', another funny line from him.  But, Tristan is no dummy and says to Cody ''this sounds like something you would've plotted'' --- and of course it was. From this point on Cody takes the lead, he remembered just what he was told to do during his prior BaitBuddies shoot and wow, it was hot. Without a single word from Caruso, he takes his friend through first time gay kissing, sucking and fucking for some of the hottest first time gay sex you'll ever see between a straight boy and his buddy!