Bait: Jay Lively
Straight: Zane
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''On Top of Old Smoky''

We love them straight country boys here at Bait and this fresh faced, smooth, fair skinned, blond hair, blue eye, country mountain boy, 25 year old Zane, hails from the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. He's got that country accent, a naturally hunky country body and a big old country boy cock which measures in at around 8.5''. Could it be all those first cousin marriages, the mountain air he breathed or the home grown food he ate growing up - who the fuck cares - this boy is just hot as hell. Caruso pairs Zane with a brand new 19 year old teenage Bait boy, Jay, yet another red head like our prior week's scene who has a thick, textbook perfect cock. He's of Mexican heritage as both his parents are from Mexico City - but you'd never know it looking at this fair skinned ginger boy. He says he's bi, but leans more towards dudes, especially straight ones - we think if he leaned any more he'd fall right over :-).  Caruso gets talking to the boys and Zane lets us know that he loves black girls with big butts and their hot  lips which he says makes the blow jobs especially hot - but tells us he'll settle for the dark skin Latina chick we pretend he'll be working with today.  Yet, in reality we all know that here at Bait Buddies, the only thing he'll be settling for is a piece of teenage Mexican boy butt. Caruso tells the guys it's time to see if they can perform in front of the camera and each other. He has them strip down and work their cocks until they're both sporting some big erections. With the 'screen test' completed, Caruso goes to fetch the girl... but oh no, she has car trouble and can't make it to the shoot, he tells the boys. He further explains, no girl, no money for them... that is unless they'll have sex with each other. Country boy is having none of that gay shit... but hold on... Jay jumps right in and says he's in - we were just afraid that horny fucker would jump right on Zane and scare him away.  Zane calms down and with some convincing, reluctantly agrees to give it a go for the money. He sits back and we see that he's gone limp from thinking about gay sex, while Jay's cock looks even harder than before. Caruso tells Jay to give Zane a hand - and he didn't have to ask twice as Jay grabs that big country cock and goes to town on it.  Watch Zane's face as he gets the 'look' we see in all the straight guys' eyes on first sexual contact with another dude - it's very hot. In short order Jay grabs Zane's hand to put it on his cock, but Zane is having nothing to do with that - he thinks. But, Caruso tells him it's only fair, so he gives in and starts stroking the teen's thick cock. But, Jay is too horny to keep up this 'kid stuff' and just bends over and swallows Zane's big tool to the root. Again we see yet another straight boy reflexively move his hand to his first gay cocksuckers neck to apply pressure and 'guidance' for this new blow job experience. The boys are instructed to stand up and do a little frot play and while the two big dicks are rubbing together, Jay leans in to kiss Zane, but Zane rejects him on two attempts. On the third attempt Jay gets him to kiss back, but it's more like a little smooch on the lips.  Zane doesn't like it and shows a bit of contempt for the gay kissing by wiping his lips off - twice - with the back of his hand.   Soon it's Zane's turn up at the blow job bat and he does a decent job, although he never quite gets more than half of Jay's beautiful cock in his mouth - but Jay still tells us he's doing a good job. Caruso senses it's time to transition to fucking and has Jay display his cute little butt to Zane and asks what he thinks about it. Zane says ''it's not what I'm used to''.  Caruso tells him to slip on a rubber and to let Jay sit on it. Jay is just too fucking anxious and hops right on and starts riding the straight boy's cock, moaning and groaning with his hard cock flailing about in the air. They switch to doggy style and Zane is really pumping into that boy's butt - lots of groaning and moaning from both of them now. Zane is at the edge now and pulls out, rips off the condom and jacks out a huge country boy load which covers Jay's entire right butt cheek! Jay is now so over the top, he quickly squats down, takes Zane's cummy cock in his mouth and sucks it for all it's worth as he jacks his own thick boner and shoots a huge geyser of a load all over his belly and chest. Caruso asks the guys if they'd do it again, Zane says ''if the money is right'', Jay says it was fantastic and he'd do it for free... who would've guessed that he really loved being 'On Top of Old Smoky' -  LOL!