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''Baiting the Bait''

Jake, a former straight boy who appeared on BaitBuddies.com about a year and half ago returns in this video. He's hunkier, his nipples are pierced and we've switched his Straight label to a Bait label.  Jake says he's been exploring his sexuality and trying lots more stuff. He's still dates girls (he's actually been with the same girlfriend for a while now),  but we think it's guys who truly turn his head these days. Jake acknowledges that he's a little nervous about this shoot as he has brought along Mike, his personal trainer from the gym (the dude who helped him pack on the new muscle) with the hope of finally getting into the hunk's pants. And there's no place better to carry out his seduction plan than BaitBuddies.com where he can get paid for it!  Mike the trainer is a big, good looking, buff dude. He's all ripped muscle, has a beautiful chest, a killer butt and yikes, check out those thighs and legs! And, when his 7.5'' dick gets hard, it's nice and thick... looks like he exercises that ''muscle'' too. Caruso asks Mike why he thinks he would be good for porn - and without pause he says ''I think I have the body for  it'' - that's the kind of self confidence that can make any of us swoon for a man.  Caruso tells him if he wants to do porn, he'll have to prove that he can get hard in front of other guys and the camera. Mike strips off his clothes and we get to see what most dudes in the gym never do - the stuff under his workout duds - and that's some piece of eye candy! It's hard enough just trying to take our eyes off his spectacular butt in order to examine the rest of the goods. This dude has it all, and Jake is taking it all in.  Throughout the initial interview, Caruso primes the pump by saying things such as ''we like to experiment here... try a lot of different things... expand horizons. He asks Mike what's the kinkiest thing he ever did sexually and Mike answers ''I tied a girl up and fucked her'', so Caruso commends this act and encourages him to try more new things. As a matter of fact, Caruso tells Mike and Jake that the girl is running late and it'll be another hour until she arrives. So, instead of sitting around Caruso suggests that he can pay both of them double their original fee if they'll have sex with one another. Well, you'd think a dude like Mike would put up a fight, but with just a short pause he agrees to try it for the money. Jake is really horny and is aching to get his hands on his gym trainer, but you can see he hesitates to grab the dude's cock and looks to both Mike and Caruso for a go ahead. Before long both boys are jerking each others thick 7.5'' cocks and both are rock hard. After their mutual hand jobs, Jake proceeds to lustfully suck Mike's fat tool while both boys moan. They soon stand up and Mike kind of goes to touch Jake's cock and then pulls back as he's still unsure of himself. Jake just says ''you can touch it, it's not going to bite you''. That really seemed to break the ice for Mike and from that point on he had no problem caressing Jake's body and cock - why not, since he helped make those muscles. Jake pulls Mike in for a kiss and several times Mike pulls away after just a peck and then it seems like Mike, in his head says 'it's now or never' and those two start going at it with such built up passion that after a while Caruso has to interrupt their hot make out session to give Mike his first shot at sucking cock. And boy does Mike take to being a cocksucker - he is all in. The next step is naturally fucking and Jake is now anxious to expand his sexual experience even more and is craving to see what it's like to have this muscle stud's cock up his butt. The fucking is hot as Mike takes Jake doggy style, there's lots of groaning and moaning and what a sight as Mike arches his body and we see his perfectly shaped bubble butt fully on display - it's mouth watering. The boys fuck and finish off in the missionary position with Jake cumming first followed by Mike rubbing one out onto Jake's cock.  With their first love making session complete, Caruso says to both guys ''I have to reveal a secret''. Even though Jake brought Mike to trick him into some gay action, Caruso had spoken to Mike before the shoot and Mike said when he first saw Jake in the gym there was something about the dude that made him want to do something sexual with Jake ever since. We baited the bait!