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''Looked like it felt good.''

We have two newbies this week. Our Bait boy Kayden has recently relocated to Ft Lauderdale from a very small town in central Florida where he grew up. He's an avid soccer player and at 23 years old has had his share of 'straight' dudes. His home town is so small that everyone was 'straight', yet he has serviced many of his buddies since high school, but it's something they never talked about. So, other than through his own observations, he's still not sure how many were actually gay or bi, and how many were straight and just wanted to get a blowjob in a town where there wasn't much action. Kayden tells Caruso that he's a total bottom and loves nothing more than a real rough fuck. Kayden is here to help us bait Nick, our other newbie, a 22 year old straight country boy from Tennessee. Nick is also a transplant to south Florida, having recently left the country mountains he grew up in. Nick is on the tall side, with a naturally slender and well toned body from being a runner. His good looks, sensuous lips and thick cock are part of his Latino heritage. Nick tells us he's got a real high sex drive and jacks off ten to twelve times a day! We just want to know how he has the time to do it. And says he cums big each time - perfect for porn! Well, the two boys strip off in preparation for the boner test and both have no problem passing. So, Caruso goes to get the 'girl', but low and behold, she's had a bike accident, scraped her legs up and can't do anything on camera. There's only one option for the guys if they want to make money and that's to have sex with each other, and Caruso offers them double their original fee if they will. Nick is hesitant and says ''I don't know if I'm comfortable with that''. But, when Caruso asks him if he ever thought about having sex with a dude, he says ''yes'' and very specifically mentions that when he was around 19 he thought about getting a blow job from a guy. Caruso suggests that he try it now. Kayden says he's in, because he needs to pay his bills. So, Nick is willing, but says he can't guarantee anything. By now Nick is limp, so Caruso tells Kayden to give him a hand, which he enthusiastically does. Nick is soon rock hard and is instructed to start jacking Kayden's cock. With both boys hard, Kayden bends over and starts sucking Nick's hot, thick uncut cock. Nick tells Caruso ''it felt good' - and it's now his turn to suck cock for the first time. And, that he does, hesitant at first, but before long he's going down on Kayden like a professional cocksucker. We all observe that Nick seems to be getting more and more comfortable. Caruso tells the boys to stand up, and a cock frot session is initiated. We see Nick really in the moment until Kayden pulls him in for a kiss and he backs away, but this appears to be where the ice cracks and Nick just goes for it and becomes the aggressor in this make out session with lots of tongue and spit swapping. With the boys heated up, Caruso suggests it's time for some fucking and Kayden is more than anxious to sit on Nick's cock and bury it to the hilt. Both dudes are moaning with pleasure as they fuck and they keep getting closer to a sexual frenzy when Kayden just gets on his back, pulls Nick back in to him and says ''fuck me''. And, Nick just starts pumping away with all he's got which sets off Kayden who is just chanting ''fuck yeah... fuck yeah... fuck yeah'' to every thrust of Nick's hard, thick cock. But, Kayden wants it rougher, harder and he lets Nick know. The speed and force picks up and Nick is really in the moment, even kissing all over Kayden. When Kayden can't take any more - he yells out that he's cumming and boy does he shoot a LOAD... even after five pulses of cum, Kayden opens his mouth to catch the sixth, seventh. As Kayden is finally finishing up, Nick rips his rubber off and starts jacking madly until he shoots another rocket of a load, some landing on Kayden's face and in his mouth. When Caruso asks, Kayden tells him it tastes really nice. Once the guys get showered up, Caruso starts the 'After the Shoot' interview and one of the questions to Nick is, would you get fucked next time. Nick thinks about it for a couple of seconds and says ''I'd try it out. Looked like it felt good''. Stay tuned and see if Nick returns to get fucked by Kayden!