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Straight: Aspen
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Dominating Derek

Buddies since high school, returning straight boy Derek and sexy straight hunk Aspen hook up for the first time at  Derek was our straight boy in a video from last August who has since expanded his horizons and now considers himself ''open sexually'' to both dick and pussy. Aspen on the other hand is in a long term relationship with a girl, but has done numerous gay4pay videos for another studio. However, he hasn't done anything in porn for the last few years.  Neither of these guys knew the other had ever done gay porn, but they got too talking during a video game and Derek let out his secret that he was broke over the summer and made a gay porn video for cash, referring to the one he made for Caruso. Aspen then admitted that he did multiple scenes for a different studio. Aspen thought that maybe it was time to get back into the business and for Derek there was nothing he wanted more than to have sex with his long time buddy. So, he came up with the idea for them to do a video together for Derek called Caruso and he was so anxious to shoot these two together that he set it up for the next day. Prior to making this video the most they've ever done sexually is jack off to straight porn together. Aspen is a total exhibitionist, so much so that he used to love stripping and showing off his hot body and big cock in his high school locker room. So, jerking off with his buddy was just another opportunity to show off his big hard muscular body,bubble butt and legs as well as his big cock at it's fully, engorged 8.5 inches. Aspen also likes to dominate when the opportunity arises and it certainly did in this scene as he takes charge from the very beginning.  Aspen says to Derek, ''so you want to get fucked...well get down on your knees and suck my fucking cock''. From that point on, Derek knows who's boss. When Aspen says get your clothes off and Derek doesn't move fast enough, he grabs him and pushes him face down over the back of the couch and just pulls his pants and underwear off and gets ready to fuck him. The sex is rough and hot, Aspen smacks Derek's big bubble butt several times as he fucks the hell out of his buddy - and Derek seems to be loving every minute of it. Finally, Aspen is fucking Derek on his back like a pussy whore when the boy moans that he's coming and shoots several spurts of hot cum all over his belly. Next we see muscle hunk Aspen watching porn and jacking his cock. Caruso asks him what he's watching (just so you guys can hear) and he says ''a porn video of mine'', Derek jumps in and says ''a kinky one''. So, this gorgeous stud is getting off watching himself getting off in a video - cocky much? Next we see Aspen lay back and really go at it - you can only call it an extreme jerk off session. It's really hot watching him tighten all his muscles up to get his nut. Finally, he jumps up and strokes off a load right onto Derek's torso, and then these two buddies who have just fucked for the first time, have their first, very hot kiss.