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''Power Fucked!''

Patrick returns to make his second appearance as a Bait boy in this week's video. He's just 21 years old, hot looking with a big 7.5'' cock. He was born in the U.S., but you can tell right away, by his caramel skin, good looks and great body that he's of Latino heritage, more specifically from Paraguay. We thought he was hot the first time around, but he's put a new layer of muscle on - just enough to make a big difference. Now, he's HOT,  the total stud package. And, he's horny and dying to get fucked by a masculine straight guy. He says he loves a guy who takes control, gets rough and pounds the crap out of his ass. It just so happens that Caruso has just the boy for the job and his name is Jonny, just a regular dude, 24 years old, masculine, with a big 8 inch cock. He's from Lakeland Florida which has lots of colleges and cows, Walmart and rednecks, and that's where Jonny fits in.  He's just a plain old country boy redneck. If you want to know what Lakeland is like, just know that they say if you have a choice of where to live, Lakeland or North Dakota, choose North Dakota - so you get the picture.  Anyway, Jonny says he digs busty, blond babes, he's good at fucking and made for porn. Caruso tells him he first has to pass a test, which we like to call the boner test, to see if he can get it up and keep it up in front of the camera, with lights and other dudes around. Jonny passes easily, and of course that hot and always horny stud, Patrick does too - it seems that he's always up and ready to go. He's been fucking since he was a kid, had his first 3 way at 16 (obviously with two other dudes) which he tells Caruso in the video, and even fucked his science teacher in high school who he still would like to go another round with. Well, Caruso returns and tells the guys that the girl had a bad reaction to some medication and can't do the shoot and that it's too late to get another girl. He does however give them another option where they could still go home with money in their pocket, and that's to have sex with each other. Jonny immediately says ''No fucking way... it's not gonna happen'' and right away you can see that his dick has gone limp. Caruso asks Patrick what he thinks, and our Bait boy says ''I don't think it's a big deal... I have things I need to pay for''. Caruso quickly chimes in with the lesbian thing, asking Jonny ''you like to watch girl on girl action... you think they're all lesbians''?  Caruso takes him through the logic, explaining how in porn he has to shoot all kinds of content, boy on girl, girl on girl, boy on boy, group, etc.  Anyway, by this time Jonny sees everyone else is taking it so lightly that he just kind of gives in and says ''I'll give it shot, but I'm not promising anything''. And, so it goes, handjobs and blowjobs are swapped, a very erotic make out session takes place, but the highlight of this scene is the fucking, it gets rough and hard, just the way Patrick likes it. And as Patrick is moaning and starts to cum, Jonny really starts banging away at his prostate. You can see him put every ounce of his strength in each thrust into the boy's hot ass which makes Patrick shoot a HUGE load, screaming and cumming. Now that what we call POWER FUCKED!