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The scene starts out with Caruso interviewing Peter, a 24 year old, very handsome, all American, brown haired, blue eyed, hunky and muscular jock type with a massive, thick, 10'' cock. He's gay and as cocky as they come. He talks about being a fan of BaitBuddies.com and straight guys and let's Caruso know that even straight guys have come on to him - he makes the point more than once - he doesn't haven't to look for sex - it comes looking for him. Well, this hot boy and his very straight buddy, Kory, contacted Caruso because they both needed cash - especially Kory, who is in college. Kory is originally from Texas and these boys have known each other for many years. Kory is currently dating Peter's girlfriend, in the real sense of the word friend, and it's a strange scene, because Peter has hit on Kory many times over the years and Kory's girlfriend knows about it. Kory is 23, stands 5'7'' with hazel eyes and brown hair and has a pretty big cock himself at almost 8 inches. He's cute, slender and HOT! He loves tall girls, up to about six feet, just like his current girlfriend. And, today he's going to grant his longtime buddy a fantasy, first time gay sex with him. Peter is really excited, he's been waiting a long, long time to get his hands on his best friend. Caruso says to Kory, ''you'll probably like it'', ''I don't think so'' was his reply. So, Caruso dispenses with the interview and just says ''Peter, take control!'' Can you say 'awkward'? It was like two inexperienced teens going at it for the first time. Both guys have had more sex than they can even remember, but it's a little uncomfortable to start since they were buddies for so long, and Kory had never done a gay thing in his life. Even in ''After the Shoot'', Caruso has to explain the terms 'top' and 'bottom', in the gay sense, to Kory. They start making out a bit with Peter feeling Kory up, awkwardly, and Peter starts taking Kory's pants down and you can see he's already hard. Caruso asks him later ''you were hard as soon as Peter took your pants down... ''it doesn't take much'' said Kory. Peter is soon sucking Kory's nice size cock. He later says he didn't expect it to be so big, because he's a small guy. Kory is loving it ''my girl never did it this good'' he says. Peter just can't get enough of his buddy's cock, but finally stands up and gets the rest of his clothes off, there's a little more making out, Kory is all horned up now, the awkwardness is gone and they're just going with flow. Peter asks him him to suck his cock, but Kory says ''I don't know about that''. Nobody says ''no'' to Peter and he just gets Kory in position - Kory's mouth opens and the game in on as he goes to town on his friend's huge cock. Peter is begging him to deep throat it, ''go all the way down on it'' he says, ''I doubt that's going to happen'' says Kory. So, cocky boy just grabs Peter's head and shoves his cock down the boy's virgin throat. ''It's so nice to see your face on my cock'' Peter tells Kory. Even with some gaging he continues to give Peter a really erotic straight boy, blow job. Peter now tells Kory that the blow job made him so hot he wants to ride his cock. He helps Kory get a condom on and then lubes the condom with his mouth. ''It can't taste that good'' says Kory, ''It's cock - it tastes good'' Peter flippantly replies. Peter sits down on on Kory's dick and yells out ''oh yeah... fuck me!'' as Kory gives him a reach around and the boys make out. Peter is so turned on by his buddy's fucking, that he grabs on to him while turning on to his back, inviting Kory to fuck him just like he fucks his girlfriend. Lost in passion, Peter says to Kory ''I so wanna cum when you're inside me''. Kory rails away at Peter's hot bubble butt and it isn't long before Kory says ''I'm gonna cum'' as he pounds his giant cock until he starts convulsing from the ecstasy of it all and shoots a big, creamy load on his scorching hot torso. Kory pulls out, yet Peter is still humping the now phantom cock with his butt as Kory pumps his straight boy load onto his buddy's belly - we are all left breathless!