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Special Edition: Almost Straight from Cuba

Cuban hottie Fernando is back, albeit a little hairier - which really looks hot on him. Fernando, a 26 year old straight boy has been at twice before. The first time, we set him up and gave him his very first experience with another guy. It was a little tough for him to do porn  - the result of a very religious Catholic upbringing, so much so that he told Caruso he hadn't even jacked off until he discovered it for himself at twelve or thirteen while taking a shower.  Well, he must've liked his first gay experience here, because not long after he contacted Caruso to ask for more work. This particular time he was the Bait and we set him up with another straight guy, Dimitri. Fernando wanted the double fee deal, so Caruso told him that he would have to get fucked by Dimitri to get paid double.  And, once he was fucked for the first time - he was in - he really, really liked the feeling of a cock in his tight hole. So, Caruso wasn't too surprised when he recently received yet another call from Fernando asking if he could bring his straight buddy Armando in, and that he wanted to get fucked again. Like Fernando, who came to the U.S. from Cuba via Spain, his buddy Armando came to the U.S. from Cuba, but he came via Venezuela. They didn't know each other in Cuba, but became fast friends after arriving under the same circumstances in the U.S. in 2009 in an English class for non-English speakers. Yep, they came for a better life here without knowing a single word of English - and they both have made nice lives for themselves over the years. However, they didn't see or speak with each other much after their class was over, but would call one another and keep in touch from time to time. They also went out to the clubs together pussy hunting on occasion.  These guys don't have to look too hard for pussy, both are good looking and built. Armando is not only handsome, but is a total muscle stud with a killer bubble butt and a beautiful 8'' uncut cock. He's also full of personality and full of himself - you'll see him pose and show off his body - even as he has sex, but it's all in fun. Caruso asks a few questions before he gets the guys going. ''Ever thought of doing anything with another guy'' he asks Armando, who quickly answers ''No'' - he says he never even thought of it. Armando doesn't even appear nervous either, but does admit to Caruso that he doesn't know what it's all about. Well, that's not going to be a problem, because Fernando is ready to be his teacher and is just waiting for Caruso to let him lose on his stud bud. As soon as he gets the signal from Caruso, he strips off Armando's shirt and without hesitation, the new straight hunk starts posing and strutting his stuff. He points to his muscular pecs ''no silicone' he says jokingly. Once they're both stripped off, Fernando takes hold of his buddy's cock and starts to jack it, but is soon down on his knees taking it deep into his throat. You can tell that even though Fernando is still joking a bit, he's liking his first gay blowjob. Soon Armando's eight inches is rock hard and Caruso tells him it's now his turn to suck cock. Armando says ''I never suck cock before'' with a distasteful look on his face he continues ''you pay me more, I do it'' and next thing we know he's on his knees sucking his longtime friend's cock. Fernando rates his buddy pretty good, but we've seen much better first time cocksuckers - later in the video Armando admits to Caruso that he didn't suck cock so good. Moving on, Caruso has the boys stand up and play with their big uncut dicks a little.  Fernando is trying hard to dock cocks with his friend, attempting to slide his foreskin over his bud's cock head, but Armando keeps moving his cock away when as he tries, so Fernando soon gives up and initiates a short make out session.  Caruso asks Armando if he's ready to get fucked and Armando says yes. But, when Caruso tries to confirm this, Armando realizes what Caruso means and quickly says no. He points to his ass and says ''it's not a bitch ass'', meaning he's not getting fucked, ''not even for ten thousand dollars'' he later says. Fernando, who really wants Armando's big cock up his hot hole, gets on his hands and knees and Armando shoves it right up his buddy's hole and just jackhammers the dude. Fernando is moaning with pleasure ''you fuck like a machine'' he says. Soon Fernando changes positions - he's now on his back with Armando railing his ass good. Fernando just keeps moaning and yelling 'fuck... fuck... fuck' and soon says ''you're gonna make me cum'' which prods Armando to fuck him even harder while unintelligible Spanish words are flying back and forth until Fernando blows his load. Armando takes off his rubber and it doesn't take him long to splash his hot Cuban cum onto his pal's body, and all of a sudden start flexing while saying ''I need to fuck another man... it's tight''. After it's all over, Fernando admits to Caruso that he's liking dick more than pussy these days - and jokingly blames it on Caruso and Two hot Cuban buddies - one hot flick!