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Special Edition: Marc & Dimitri Flip-Flop

Caruso was just sitting in his office when the receptionist buzzed his phone to let him know that Dimitri stopped by. Caruso has an open door policy for the guys, when in town, stop in. And, they know that most of the time they can get quick work by visiting the studio. So, it turns out that Dimitri's timing was fortunate for both of them. Caruso was looking to put together a BaitBuddies.com shoot and had booked the return of Marc, but didn't yet have a definite for the other guy. To that end, Caruso asks Dimitri if he could stay the afternoon - they would go for lunch - and Marc would come in for the shoot. And, so it goes, things worked out and we now have both young straight studs on the couch raring to go. Compared to Dimitri who has been in three videos so far, and bottomed in his second one, Marc is only here for his second video and he's only sucked cock and fucked one of our Bait boys. And, he's made it very clear to Caruso that he hates sucking dick and just won't do it. However, he is willing to get fucked on camera for the very first time. Caruso tells the guys to stand up and strip each other down. Shirts and pants come off and the next you know the guys are having a sloppy make out session slurping each others tongues and feeling each others hot bodies. After a while underwear is stripped off and we can see that Marc is rock hard and Dimitri's 8'' banana dick is getting there too. While we're on the subject of dick, take a look at Dimitri's balls. They are the definition of big, low hangers... he is one super good looking sexy dude!  After some mutual dick stroking, Dimitri gets down on Marc's 7.5'' Latino log, sucking him like it's the last cock on earth. Caruso even remarks on Dimitri's cock sucking skills, ''you got pretty good at that'' he tells him. Caruso tries to entice Marc to give blow jobs another chance, but he just won't suck Dimitri's penis, even for double the money. How many of us would suck it for nothing - or pay to suck it? So, Caruso gives up and moves the guys on to fucking. Dimitri examines Marc's melon butt, smacks and squeezes it a bit before he lubes up and just shoves that thing up Marc's virgin hole. You can see the shock and awe on Marc's face as he groans and moans with the pain of being penetrated for the first time. And, Dimitri doesn't go easy on the dude - he just pumps away. You can almost see when the agony in Marc's face melts into ecstasy and his moans shift from pain to pleasure. This dude is enjoying his first fuck and his body can't deny it. Dimitri fucks him for a good long while until he's way too horny to continue and asks Marc to switch places and fuck him. Dimitri first chooses to sit on Marc's cock and soon both guys are in a synchronized rhythm. But, it seems like no matter how hard Marc humps up into Dimitri's hot hole, the Russian dude wants it even harder. The solution is to get him on his back with a pillow under his sexy bubble butt, so that Marc can leverage his entire weight into the shaft of his cock and jackhammer Dimitri's hot hole. And, that he does, he's a pretty good power-fucker, he learned it from fucking lots of Latina pussy. After a while though, Marc loses control, rips his rubber off and jacks a huge load all over Dimitri, hitting his neck, mouth, chest and belly. This sparks Dimitri's orgasm as he busts a thick, creamy white load of his own. Join them to hear what they have to say 'After the Shoot'.