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''The Two Amigos: Yago sets up Marcus''

Marcus is a tall Latino straight boy from Spain and he's here today with Yago, our bait boy, a blond hair, blue eyed, gay boy who Marcus has been friends with since they went to elementary school together back in Spain. Yago moved to the U.S. years ago and made his home in Miami, yet the boys have always stayed in close contact. Recently, Yago, who hadn't seen Marcus for a while finally convinced his buddy to come to the U.S. by enticing him with the fact that Florida has a plentiful supply of beautiful, fair skinned, blond girls, Marcus' preference, and these girls are much more difficult to find in Spain where the majority have dark hair and olive skin. So, the boys got together for a reunion in Miami, and true to his word Marcus hit the clubs with Yago and found himself plenty of blonds who were lured in by his gook looks, sexy educated, Latino accent and the fact that he was from Spain. But, Yago had his own ideas about luring his buddy Marcus into BaitBuddies.com to fulfill his lifelong fantasy of sucking his best friend's cock and getting fucked by him. So, he filled out an online application, gave Caruso his story and within days was in the studio sitting side by side with Marcus, horny and ready to pull off the sex set up of a lifetime. We learn early on that even in Spain the friends would go out to a club and the girls would love hanging with Yago, a non-threatening, sweet gay boy. Little did they know they were in the spider's web waiting for Marcus to pick the girl he liked best and fuck the daylights out of her. Now it was Marcus' turn in the spider's web and Caruso didn't waste any time going for the prey - he just comes right out and tells the guys that there's no girl available and the only option was for the two of them to have sex with each other. Marcus tells Caruso he never touched another guy in that way and never even thought about sex with another guy. He does admit that when he was younger, he jerked off with Yago and other buddies while watching porn - he very carefully stresses that it was straight porn - but the during their circle jerks, they weren't fully naked and they NEVER touched! So, Caruso explains that he shoots all kinds of porn, girl-girl, boy-boy, orgies, etc, and on and on. Well, eventually Marcus is convinced and says ''I can't guarantee anything, but I'll give it a try''. You can see Yago trying to hold back his enthusiasm as he realizes a lifelong fantasy is about to come true. Caruso just tells the guys to stand up and start undressing each other. They both look like deer caught in the headlights, but soon Marcus is pulling off his t-shirt and Yago can hardly believe his buddy is standing there in front of him just offering himself up. Yago tentatively puts his hand on his friend's bare chest like it was a piece of fine, delicate porcelain china that he's afraid to break. Soon, things heat up though as both boys are stripped down and a hot make out session between buddies ensues. After a few minutes they part and both are breathless, it apparently turned out to be much more emotional and exciting than either anticipated. Caruso then pipes in ''maybe you can show Marcus something else you're good at'' - which Yago takes as his cue to get on his knees and suck Marcus' 7.5'' cock. Yago really goes to town on his buddy's big dick and when he stops to switch places, Caruso asks ''you ever have a girl suck your dick that good'', ''no one'' Marcus offers enthusiastically. ''Do I have to do that'' says Marcus, not wanting to suck cock, but he gets down and very hesitantly starts sucking Yago's 8 incher. He soon gets into it and is sucking cock like he really likes it! At the end of the blow job sessions Caruso asks Marcus if he's fucked a lot of girls in the ass - ''yes'', he says and he really likes it. His buddy Yago is super horny to get fucked and anxious to find out just how lucky those girls were to be fucked up this ass by Marcus. Next we see Marcus being a thoughtful friend and lubing up Yago's butt hole for him as he readies himself in the doggy position. Then he shoves that big schlong of his right up Yago's butt like he was fucking some used pussy. Yago doesn't seem to mind - as a matter of fact he's ecstatic - this is something he only dreamed about for many years. Marcus continues to fuck Yago's ass deep and hard until Caruso suggests they change positions. Yago quickly flips on his back, raises his legs and his buddy shoves his big uncut cock right back in and rails his buddy's ass until Yago can no longer hold back and busts his nut over his hand, cock and stomach. Marcus continues to fuck Yago who is still moaning and jacking his cock - he then pulls out and shoots a big load all over his friend. ''Amazing'' says Yago. ''Wow, don't tell anybody, but this is the best fuck of my life'' says Marcus. The boys clean up and return for 'After the Shoot' where Yago admits to Marcus that ''it's my dream'' to do this with Marcus all his life. Marcus is totally shocked, never even thought about doing anything sexual with his gay buddy Yago. He also says that he never knew gay sex could feel so good and that he loved sucking cock the best and would fuck Yago again off camera. ''The Two Amigos'' will never be the same again.