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Scott is our newest Bait arrival and what a hunk that boy is. He's a Cross Fit trainer, a real athlete, big and beefy with huge legs and a hot bubble butt. Scott says he's had sex with plenty of straight men, because he very athletic and is always playing sports with them which makes for an easy approach (see more about this in the newsletter). And, he says he doesn't scare them away because he acts and looks pretty straight most of the time. Scott is 22, so he's always horny and he can't wait to meet our new straight boy. Jimmie is the new boy's name and he's a hottie. At 5'11'' his slender body is tightly covered with a layer of sculpted muscle and not an inch of fat. Caruso asks what he does to keep in shape and he says ''it's my natural metabolism'' - lucky dude. He's also naturally well endowed, with an 8.5'' thick, cut cock. Well, there's always a short 'interview' at the beginning of every video, and Caruso finds out that our straight boy was originally from North Carolina, a real redneck, country boy, who moved to Ft Lauderdale about four years ago for the sunny weather and the beautiful beaches. We imagine he must look real good in board shorts or trunks, strutting his stuff on the sand. We were surprised to find out during the interview, that he's been hit on by gay dudes in gym showers, and other places, and even flirted with the guys, but it never went further than that. When Caruso asks him if he'd be open to that, sex with another dude, he says maybe. Caruso quickly concludes that this is going to be an easy one. So, after the 'boner test' when Caruso delivers that news that the girl didn't show, but that he could pay them double if they have sex with each other, Jimmie just thinks for a couple of seconds - and not missing a beat and says ''I'm down with it''. Caruso mentions that Jimmie's dick has gone soft already, so Scott just reaches over and grabs it, but Jimmie pushes his hand away - probably surprised by how fast things are moving. Eventually, he relents and lets Scott stroke him. Soon enough he's stroking Scott and not surprisingly he really seems to be into the dude's big, beefy muscles as his hand roams Scott's beefy muscular chest and flat sexy stomach as well as him arms and big thighs. It's probably the first time that Jimmie has had the opportunity to feel another guy's body and he takes full advantage of it. Scott is anxious to get a taste of Jimmie's big 8.5'' cock and now is that time, so he goes right down on it and really gives that boy the cocksucking of a lifetime, deepthroating that beautiful straight boy penis over and over again. When it's Jimmie's turn to suck his first cock he's pretty lucky to get started on a beginner's size, and easily sucks it enthusiastically and he also deepthroats over and over. We can see that kissing is really what Jimmie likes and he takes every opportunity make out with Scott right through the end of the scene. The boys tongue kiss like mad men, then Scott takes one last shot at sucking Jimmie's cock before he gets into the doggy position to get fucked. Scott presents his massive bubble butt to Jimmie who is more than ready to penetrate his first male ass. He goes in fast and deep and that's all good with Scott. At one point you can even hear Scott say ''fuck me harder'', which Jimmie does. Watching Jimmie fuck is hot, as his naturally lithe and muscular body pumps and undulates. Imagine all those lucky country girls he's fucked over the years. Jimmie even leans over and start kissing up on Scott's neck and ear as he fucks him. And, once Scott is on his back, Jimmie inserts his big rock hard cock back into Scott's aching hole and as he starts pummeling the hunk once again, he leans over and begins making out with him. Jimmie fucks the boy mercilessly until he can't hold back and he pulls out, rips off his condom and shoots a huge load all over Scott's belly and torso. Soon we see Jimmie bent over and making out with Scott as Scott jacks his cock. Even as Scott is cumming, Jimmie keeps kissing him, it's very hot to see a dude like Jimmie get so into his first gay experience. Caruso asks Jimmie ''how was it'', breathlessly he blurts out ''AMAZING''.