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''They loaded up the truck and moved to Bait Buddies''

You wouldn't think that Caleb, that ''fine ass truck driver'' who's been on BaitBuddies.com twice before, could get any hotter. But he has - he's been hitting the gym regularly and this big rig driver who claims to have two girls waiting to fuck him at every stop, now appears to be even more muscular and even more handsome than when we last saw him. This time he has his new buddy with him, a gay boy named Mark. Mark works at one of the distribution centers where Caleb loads up with product twice a week. When Caleb came in, Mark always secretly eyed him up and down, watching his big tattooed biceps flex as he loaded the 18 wheeler. Well, it turns out that it is a small world, because one day Mark decided to join BaitBuddies.com and to his surprise he came across Caleb's video - bingo - the straight dude he fantasized about was now fucking another dude on screen. Well, it took about three more weeks of Caleb's visits for Mark to build up the courage to approach him about the porn. And, the rest as they say is history. Soon after the two were fucking their brains out and Caleb decided to call Caruso to see if he could bring Mark down to Florida to do a video with him. Of course he could - this is every guy's fantasy! So, they loaded up the truck and drove to Bait Buddies. And quite the drive it was - on camera Caleb tells the story of how they decided they would fuck in every state on the way from Michigan to Florida, you figure it out, but it was a lot of fucking in the bunk behind the seats and wherever else they could do it. Now on the studio set couch, Caruso completes their preliminary interview and then tells the boys to 'go for it'. They make out as they strip each other down - it's very sexy to watch two guys who are by now totally into each other. You can tell that Caleb is the apple of Mark's eye. Watch when Caleb fucks Mark - Mark's eyes rarely look anywhere other than directly at Caleb. The action quickly heats up as they continue to make out and do some cock sucking. Then Caleb turns his head to look at Caruso and says ''here's something else I've learned from Mark'', and moves the boy to his hands and knees and starts eating out his ass with gusto as Mark moans in ecstasy! Caruso is a bit shocked since it was only eight months ago when Caleb walked in as the macho straight truck driver who couldn't get enough pussy - quite the evolution. Caruso then asks Mark if he's ready to get fucked - and a big smile comes over his face, and from deep within he utters the word ''yes''. Caleb takes the cue and shoves his big, thick 7.5 inches right into Mark's well used, pink, little hole and fucks that boy hard. Mark is loving it and after a few minutes he turns on his back to continue the porking he's getting from his man. Caleb bangs away at the boy until Mark can't take anymore and moans ''I'm cumming'', and cum he does. Several spurts of hot spunk shoot out all over his torso, a few hitting his face and some goes inside his mouth. Caleb keeps banging him - hard - and when he's almost there he pulls out of the boy's hole, jacks his cock and tells Mark ''I'm gonna cum in your mouth''. Mark takes the first couple of shots of hunk spunk on his face and the rest of the hot cream goes right in his mouth. Mark knows better and doesn't swallow, he saves it for a super hot, cum swapping kiss at the end! Watch 'After the Shoot' and hear what the boys have to say about doing porn together for the first time. Mark also talks about the sexual evolution that led to this video. Follow the newsletter for more inside info about the shoot.