Bait: Javier Cruz
Straight: Saxon
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Bubble Butt Boys

Cute and sexy Bait boy, Javier, is back with us this week. He recently turned 21 and it looks really good on him. He's got a tight, fit body, a really great pair of thighs, narrow waist, bubble butt and a nice, large 7'' uncut cock. Caruso has a short chat with Javier explaining today's shoot and then introduces him to our Straight target, Saxon. Saxon is a ginger, a beefy hunk, yet very muscular, with big pecs, big legs and a big muscular bubble butt. He says he works out 5 days a week - and it shows. Saxon's got the full package as he sports a big thick, 8'' cock. Caruso explains the 'boner test', so both boys strip down and show us their stuff. We see that Javier is already boned to the hilt, and Saxon, watching the straight pussy porn playing on the studio monitor, gets rock hard shortly after. With both dudes passing the test, Caruso tells them he's going to fetch the girl. He actually went into his office and had a Coke. Upon his return Caruso tells the guys that he had some not so good news - the girl went horseback riding and got a bad rash between her legs, so she couldn't go on camera. Caruso explains that they can't get another girl today and therefore nobody gets paid... however, there is one option where he can double the boy's money. And by now we all know what that is, have sex with each other. Saxon shakes his head, says he's not into that, never even thought about dudes in that way. So, Caruso explains that it doesn't mean anything to have sex with a guy, and that girls and other straight guys do it all the time. Caruso asks Javier what he thinks, and he tells Caruso ''I have bills to pay'', so he's in. With a little more cajoling, Saxon agrees to give it a try. So, Caruso tells Javier to give Saxon a hand. He grabs the beefy stud's cock and starts stroking it. Soon Caruso tells Saxon to start stroking Javier's cock. Saxon takes Caruso's orders and jacks his new buddy's cock - he looks at it his hand on another penis like the experience is surreal. The action moves fast from here as Javier goes down on Saxon's thick cock and gives him his first gay blowjob and it doesn't seem that Saxon minds it one bit. Caruso then tells Saxon to return the favor and the dude does a respectable job. Next they stand up to compare cocks with a little bit of frot, this gives Javier the opportunity to pull Saxon in for a kiss and as usual the straight guy melts right into it and the boys make out for a little while. But, we see that Saxon is a bit interested in Javier's hot Latino bubble butt and starts to feel it up. He wants to fuck this boy! So, Caruso tells him to go for it. He slides a condom on and lubes it up and Javier sits right down on it and takes all eight inches in one push. We get a great view of Javier's big sexy thighs as the boys begin to fuck at one another. Both guys are really into the fuck, but Caruso wants them to switch positions. With Javier now on his back, Saxon shoves his fat cock back in that hot, open hole and fucks the boy but good until Javier shoots a big load all over himself. Saxon can't wait any longer and pulls out and jacks his own load which shoots all the way up Javier's torso to his neck! Saxon says he needs a shower and off they go to get cleaned up. They return for more in ''After the Shoot''.