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Beach Bum!

Everyone has fantasized about the lifeguard at the beach at some point in their life. That hot slim and smooth body, nice dark tan, and 9 out of 10 times they are hot as hell! Well this week Jordan B showed up looking to make some extra cash for the summer. You may remember this hot lifeguard from a while back when he had his very first gay for pay experience right here and BaitBuddies.com! Jordan B is hot, smooth, fit, tan, hung, and has the tightest beach bum you'll ever see! Last time he was here he made a promise to Caruso that if he ever came back then he would take a dick up his ass. Well, promises are promises and today is Jordan's time to pay up!

Caruso introduces Jordan to our cute straight guy - Leo Luckett. At 21, with blond hair and hazel eyes, Leo doesn't have many problems getting chicks. Although he loves fucking, the idea of getting paid for it is a dream come true to him. Leo loves to show off his body and ink even though he tries to act shy but he didn't have any issues working up his fat cock on the same couch as another dude!

Unfortunately, Caruso has to break the bad news that the girl can't make it. Needing the extra cash and not having many options, Caruso decides to make another offer... Have sex with each other for double the money. Leo didn't know what to say other than he was really confused because the offer was a lot to take in. But, with a little sweet talk and convincing, Caruso gets Leo to agree!

And with that the guys lube up and get ready. After some cocksucking and kissing, Jordan lubes up to take his first ever cock up his ass. Leo shoves it in and pushes him down as he plows his hole. After fucking the cum out of Jordan, Leo pulls out and busts his nut in Jordan's mouth. A job well done guys!