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This week Caruso brings back Sasha Alexander and his huge 8'5'' cock. You will recall that Sasha had his first experience fucking another guy right here at BaitBuddies with our super sexy bait guy Javier Cruz. Caruso received a phone call from Sasha a few weeks after his shoot and what transpired had to be captured on film! Sasha explained to Caruso that he spoke to his good friend Joey James about his experience at BaitBuddies and that since the shoot he has experimented a couple more times with other guys. To his surprise, Joey informed Sasha that he in fact has had a little bit of a crush on him ever since he broke up with Sasha's sister back in High School. Joey is several years older than Sasha and back when Sasha was in middle school, Joey was dating Sasha's sister and acted as a bit of a ''big brother/mentor'' for Sasha back then. After Joey broke things off with Sasha's sister, the two kept in touch with each other and over the years have maintained a friendship. So, Sasha informed Caruso that his friend Joey really has wanted to have sex with him for many years and wanted to know if Caruso wanted to film it because both guys could use some cash.

Of course Caruso couldn't pass up this opportunity and a couple days later both guys are sitting in the studio and ready to fuck. You can tell immediately that Joey is eager and nervous all at once. Caruso starts out with a conversation with the guys and has them recount their years of friendship that has led them to this point. They have never fooled around with each other and you can feel the sexual tension building between them. Joey admits that ever since he saw Sasha's huge cock back when they were younger, he has dreamt about getting it in his mouth and ass. After the small talk is over, Caruso tells them to go ahead and do what comes natural. Joey wastes no time in getting Sasha's big cock out of his pants and even though it is not hard right away, he begins sucking it deep down his throat and we get to see it grow bigger and bigger until it is hard as a rock. Sasha even comments that he can tell Joey has had some practice sucking cock. Joey deep throats Sasha's cock all the way causing him to get what Caruso calls ''cock sucking tears.'' Sasha then eagerly sucks Joey's cock for a while before Joey asks him to eat his ass. At first Sasha looks at Caruso and asks him what he thinks about that and Caruso tells Sasha that he thinks it will be great if he eats his ass before he fucks him. Sasha hesitates for a moment, but soon has his tongue buried in Joey's ass and from the sounds Joey makes you can tell he loves every second of it. Sasha then puts on a condom and begins fucking Joey deep and hard. The intensity builds until Joey cannot hold back any longer and he shoots a huge thick load of white creamy cum all over himself. This turns Sasha on and as he is about to shoot his load Joey tells him to shoot it all over his face and mouth. Sasha's load of cum drenches Joey's face and Joey eagerly sucks the last drops from Sasha's huge cock. Caruso then encourages Sasha to taste his own cum by kissing Joey! This is how you take your friendship to a whole new level!