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This week's straight guy is one sexy Latino! Tim Hanes was born in Cuba but moved to Miami to pursue the American dream. At 6'3'', 170lbs, smooth brown skin, lots of body hair, and a beautiful uncut 7 inch cock! He's the total package!

At the last minute our bait guy couldn't make it but we weren't going to let this guy get away. Caruso breaks the bad news that the girl can't make it but everyone still needs to make some money. So with a little sweet talk Tim decided to stay and give everyone a show.

Tim was nervous but horny so he needed to get off. After jacking off for a while, Caruso came up with an idea... He asks Tim if he would be willing to let Caruso's assistant jack him off. At first he was hesitant but in need of money he caved in. Watch as Caruso's assistant strokes his hard cock before he takes back over and shoots his big hot load!!!