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This week Caruso is thrilled to have the incredibly sexy Josh Peters back in the studio.  It has been over a year since we last saw Josh and he has put on an additional 20lbs of Muscle since then.  He tells us that he is getting ready to compete in his first physique competition later this year.  When Josh agreed to come back and shoot another scene, he told Caruso that he prefers to be matched up with another guy that is smaller than he is and not as muscular.  Although Josh still prefers women sexually, he has experimented a few times with guys since his first time at BaitBuddies.  Since then, he has discovered that as long as the other guy is smaller in stature then he is, he can get turned on by it and he also prefers to get fucked.  Well OKAY!  Caruso brings in the sexy Conner Mason who at first looks terrified by the size of Josh.  Caruso has Josh flex for Conner and then we can see just how turned on Conner is by seeing his huge biceps.  What happens next is pure magic as Caruso allows these two sexy men to explore their sexuality as he captures it for us to see.  Enjoy!