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Toby Springs returns this week as our bait boy and this time he decided to bring a friend! Toby has always been a popular on BaitBuddies.com and he has the perfect bubble butt for taking straight cock! He's an expert at sucking dick and has great bottoming skills as well.

Steve is Toby's friend and coworker. Both guys work construction and even though Steve knew that Toby did porn on the side, he had no clue it was gay porn! Steve is built, hot, and has a big cock!

After explaining that the girl can't make it and the only option to make money would be to have sex with each other, Steve started to freak out. Of course when Caruso tells them it will be double the money he changed his tune and decided to give it a shot.

Caruso tells both guys to help a buddy out so both Toby and Steve grabbed each other's cocks and started stroking. Toby couldn't wait to get Steve's fat cock in his mouth so Steve stood up and Toby went to work. When it came time to return the favor, Steve was not having it and flat out said no. Toby moved in for a kiss and Steve pulled away but when Toby came back for another, Steve caved in. The kissing didn't last long because Steve was ready to fuck so he lubed up, put on a condom, and fucked Toby's tight hard ass!