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Hans Berlin is this week's bait guy and he's one good looking man! He's a tall, blond, blue eyed hunk, with a killer body and fat 8'' uncut cock! Hans is very comfortable and very experienced in the sex department. He's had sex with straight guys before but, he can never get enough!

Mike came to the studio, looking to hook up with a hot porn star and get paid to get laid. Mike has only been with girls but he's also had a three way so he doesn't feel uncomfortable getting naked in front of another dude. Mike has a swimmer's build with a cute little bubble butt and a fat uncut cock!

Caruso steps out of the room to check on the female talent and returns with bad news that the girl can't make it. Both guys are rock hard and ready to blow so Caruso makes them another offer... If both guys will have sex with each other then he can pay them double the money. Mike was reluctant but Hans jumped right in. Hans guided Mike through the entire process but when it came to fucking, Mike totally took over!