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This week is a special edition of BaitBuddies featuring the hot gay for pay jock - Aspen, and a familiar bait guy to the website - Conner Mason.

Caruso struck up a conversation with Conner and he asked him who he would want to have sex with if he could chose anyone from BaitBuddies and he instantly said Aspen. Conner thinks Aspen is really hot and he absolutely loves his body! So, Caruso contacted Aspen and asked him if he would be willing to come to the studio and shoot a scene with Conner. Aspen agreed and Caruso set up the date.

Caruso told both guys to just ignore him and do whatever they want while he walks around and records. But, there was also a request from several fans regarding Aspen's big bubble butt... And, that's for someone to rim it good and hard. This was what Conner has been dreaming of doing ever since he first laid eyes on Aspen and his rock hard ass. Conner rims Aspen's ass for quite a while before Aspen bends him over and gives his ass a good pounding!