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Chandler Scott returned to the studio this week but he didn't come alone. Instead of contacting Caruso to set him up with a random straight dude, Chandler brought along his straight buddy that he used to experiment with while growing up! Sure they got each other off and sucked each other's cocks but that's as far as it would ever go... until today...

Chandler's friend Sean is definitely a stud with a hot body, great face, and a nice big dick! And, maybe it's because he's with his friend Chandler, but this guy was totally comfortable naked, on camera, and with another dude!

Caruso told the guys to get started and they didn't hesitate! This was a long time coming because both Chandler and Sean were so passionate together! And, even though Chandler had been dreaming of getting fucked by Sean, Sean had also been wondering what it would feel like, so he pulled out, laid on his back, and let Chandler fuck the cum out of him!